Insanity Max:30 FINISHER

Max30 transform

The End is Here.


  6-6-16     8-5-16

CC Max:           7:35          15:55

Waist:              28″          27.5″

Bust:                 33″           32.75″

Hips:                38″           38.2″

Left Thigh:        22″          21.25″

Right Thigh:     22″          21.5″

Left Bicep:       10″          10.75″

Right Bicep:     10″          10.75″

Weight:            139 lbs     137.6 lbs


My personal takeaways from this program:

Mentally I feel stronger and more capable. I started with a Max Out time of under 8 minutes and finished with just under 16 minutes on my last day of the Cardio Challenge. The first day I struggled to hit that time and the last day, I kept cheering myself on saying I could do it, I cheered every time I hit the next milestone until I could go no more. The saying “mind over matter” is true. In the first month one of the girls says, if I can’t do one more, I do three, and if you go into it with that mentality, chances are you’ll push yourself further than you expect. It’s crazy to think about how far I’ve come in just 60 days. I mean sure I had 22 Minute Hard Corps before this and really focused on getting my nutrition in control, which led to me making even better choices with Max:30 but all in all I feel like the ab portion of this program is on point. I don’t enjoy crunches or planks or sit ups but focusing on keeping my core tight really helped me with that area.

Physically, I am proud of how far my body has come. I didn’t have a huge weight loss or size loss but I did lose a little. I gained leaner muscles and gained more self confidence. Not just in my physical appearance but emotionally too. Just an overwhelming sense of I can do anything I put my mind to. It’s hard work but it’s worth it!

If there’s one thing I could tell everyone when they decide to try this program, it would be KEEP YOUR CORE TIGHT! The second would be nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I get it, I’m human too, there will be good days and bad days, bbq’s and birthdays, but the important thing is to focus the majority of the time on making progress. Have some cake but don’t eat the whole thing and don’t do it every day!

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And because it’s FLEX FRIDAY…



Insanity Max:30 Day 52-56

Day 52:

My Coach Summit Vacation….

Last round of Max:30 I felt like I didn’t do the program justice because it was the holiday season and well, I like cookies. This time I of course take a vacation my final week. Good thinking right? Best part about this vacation is it’s with a bunch of other Coaches! So I had some accountability to get my workouts in and stay on track. I wasn’t perfect but I was mostly good.

This is how we do it!

Max Out Sweat err… Nevermind

Today was supposed to be Max Out Sweat, while I did sweat, I didn’t do Max:30 today. Instead I settled with working out with all my house mates. And boy did I sweat! We tried a new workout that was cardio and yoga. I think Jericho McMatthews is going to be one of my favorite new trainers. It felt so good to stretch after a spending the day at the airport yesterday. You ever sit for so long that your body is just stiff? I always tell myself that I don’t like yoga and then I do it and I feel so much better.


Day 53:

Max Out Strength

Today was epic! I worked out yesterday but it wasn’t Max:30. So that means I’m definitely not going to skip it today, even if I’m going to do the live workout with Tony Horton tonight. The whole crew got involved with the workout again today. I felt a little bad because a few of my house mates that were doing Max:30 were only on month one but they all did awesome though. Even the people who had never done Max:30, it really is for everyone. I’m so thankful for the modifier this month. Something about maxing out with a bunch of my favorite people made today’s workout so much more motivating. Hearing everyone laughing and struggling through it too made me feel like no matter how tough, it was possible to keep going. Today I maxed out at 13:10, good time but my knees and feet are bothering me a bit today. I only 38 seconds longer last week.

22 Minute Hard Corps

So thankful for Energize today. Tony is awesome at getting me sweaty in no time flat. Today was the first time I actually did his cold start before 22MHC. So we ended up getting our sweat on for almost 45 minutes. My fave fave fave, program. Is it Monday yet? I’m so ready to get started on this program! Special thank you to Judy Fish getting some pictures of us 🙂 I think today has been my favorite day of all my vacation so far.



Day 54:

Friday Fight Round 2

Two weeks ago I maxed out at 9+ minutes, I’m not sure if I was having a good day or what. Last week I maxed out at 6:10 and I’m proud to say I made it past that today, barely… (#IMaxedOut @ 6:29) This trip has been so exhausting that I’m not sure if I’m just tired from all the happenings and the not so perfect eating schedule but I can definitely say I am glad I don’t have to do this workout again. Well, not for now at least. Only having a 30 minute workout was perfect for this morning because I will be in Coach training all day. Getting to listen to people teaching me more ways to grow myself mentally instead of just physically is perfect. Mindset and determination will get you places as long as you put in the work!



B: Oatmeal with chia seeds, steamed broccoli and watermelon.
Pre: Energize
Post: Vegan Chocolate Shake
Snack: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 banana
L: Salad with 1/2 avocado, veggie burger patty, more watermelon 🙂
D: Salad with black beans, I even splurged and had some pineapple coconut juice… crazy right… 😉

Day 55:



Last week I vowed to myself that if the weather was nice on Saturday’s I would make a point to get outside. I may be out of town but missing the scheduled seminar was WORTH IT! I saw deer and squirrels, frogs and a lizard too. Just getting out there in the quiet brought me back to me. It’s amazing how surrounding yourself with different components and different company can make you question who you are again, even when you think that you are confident with that. I visited a couple different places after church and while the nature was beautiful, I sure do miss home. The humidity and the buzzing bugs are a little different than the birds at home.


I loved this little bridge in the middle of the lake. My walk was a 2 mile loop but being in the center was my favorite part. You could see views from there that I would have missed had I not crossed it. I had originally intended to make the 4 mile loop but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m not sure I would have wanted to venture further because my feet were already tired and wanting to sit in my air conditioned car while I ate my lunch.



Today I had planned to be out and about all day so I planned all of my meals. I bought these awesome tupperware that hold my salad, dressing and a couple snacks, along with an ice pack to keep it all cold. So worth the $6 I spent on them.
B: Oatmeal with chia seeds, fresh pineapple and thin sliced toast with peanut butter.
L: Salad with broccoli, pineapple, green onions and pepitas.
S: Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 banana
D: Salad again with a spicy black bean burger patty, broccoli, pineapple and avocado.
I had a lot of fruit today but we found pineapple for 99 cents a piece so we bought quite a few of them. I’m not drinking and I’m keeping the indulgences very minimal for this vacation so I figured fruit was a perfectly acceptable treat. Plus the heat just makes you want cold sweet fruit anyway!

Day 56:

Cardio Challenge- AKA LAST DAY OF MAX:30

This girl is on FIRE!!!! I made the goal today of 12 minutes and made it to 15:55 minutes. Every minute after 12 I couldn’t help but holler 13 minutes, 14 minutes, 15 minutes, I felt proud! It super helps to have your mind in the right place. Just knowing that today was my last day made me want to kill it. My house mates didn’t get motivated to workout today but every time they walked by they cheered me on. I’m telling you, find your people, find the ones who are going to support you! If I remember correctly, last round of Max:30 I believe I cried after my workout, it was so emotional to finally complete it something I had started. Now I can say I’ve done it twice and I’ve completed multiple programs since the initial fire of finishing this. Getting started now is easier than waiting for tomorrow. Transformation pics to come!


Insanity Max:30 Day 50

Day 50:


I leave tomorrow for Nashville!! Eek! I’ve been planning for this trip for almost a year and the day has finally come ❤ I’ve decided to double up my workouts today because I know that tomorrow is going to be spent in the airport and then getting settled in at our house for the week. The struggle is going to be real! I’ll be in a house with a bunch of awesome girls but they all eat meat and I’m pretty sure they drink wine too. I have been alcohol free since November and I have no intention of being any other way but the temptation will be there. While I know being on the go is going to be tough for my meal plan and tough for squeezing in my workouts, I’m confident I will get them done. If I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up about it either. I’ve planned as best as I can and will be going to the grocery store as soon as I pick up my rental car so that I will be prepared for breakfast and lunch at least.

Max Out Cardio & Max Out Power

I’ve been seeing such great results with this months round and as much as I hate to say it I’m little bit sad that it’s coming to an end. It’s nice to see all the hard work paying off.

1st workout was tough but I made it through. I maxed out at 17:04 and beat my last time by two and a half minutes. Just in time for some last minute shopping with my travel buddy. I kicked last weeks max out time to the curb! Hoping to do the same with workout two. It’s feeling like summer outside and I may be soaking up some vitamin D while work on this and convince myself that I’m ready for my 2nd workout… Ps my quads are really sore today. I’m thinking that run yesterday did more than just mental goodness.

Workout 2, Power… Uh yeah, maybe lack of, who’s grand idea was it to do two workouts today again?!? I beat last weeks score but it wasn’t pretty. I maxed out at 14:33 today. Now hopefully I’m exhausted enough to get some sleep before my 2 a.m. wake up. So so so excited for tomorrow’s trip!