Insanity Max:30 Day 40 & 41

Day 40:

Friday Fight Round 2

I woke up with some serious fight today! Like seriously, how on earth is it that last week I maxed out at 6:44 and today I hit 9:08??? Don’t get me wrong, after maxing out today I was pretty much out of go power. I feel like I rested a lot but my Fitbit says I burned 260 calories during that 30 minutes of fighting and rest breaks 🙂

I have to give a shout out to my nutrition because what else have I changed? My max out times have all made bigger leaps this week and it has to be because my WHOLE body feels good, inside and out ❤

My hair came undone during the warm up and talk about distraction! I had a hard time focusing when my hair was flailing around in my eyeballs! Shaun T is a good motivator though and I was able to push through!

Day 41:


LAZY, lazy day! But I started out with a strong breakfast. Fruits and veggies with toast and almond butter. PS watermelon, raspberries and banana best fruit salad ever ❤



Insanity Max:30 Day 38 & 39

Day 38:

Max Out Sweat

SOAKED! But I can’t be mad because I pushed past last weeks time by 1 minute and 42 seconds! I maxed out at 9:42 and I’m proud of myself. Just when I’m ready to give up I surprise myself and do better than I expected. Moral of the story, never give up on yourself, you are stronger than you think!

I’m realizing what I love about this program is that it’s all functional movement. I’m increasing range of motion and my strength is increasing also. I’m not a skier but one of the moves called the slalom jump is perfect for skiers, target’s areas that you’d use going down the slope. It works a little differently for me but increasing my squatting ability is always a good thing, especially since I have a lame knee. It’s important to have good form and the ability to manage your own body weight in a squat before you try to squat with weights.

Day 39:

Max Out Strength


I can’t believe I only have 16 days left of this program! I feel like I’ve grown so much and pushed myself to limits I didn’t think I could hit. Max:30 is all about mental and physical gains, you have to push your mind to finish that extra rep or extra second.

I may have had a little extra pep today. Everyone has their own lucky shirt right? Something about wearing my Spartan shirt makes me feel like I have to be extra hardcore. I always seem to do better. I made it an extra 3 minutes and 42 seconds! If I could have just held on for 3 more seconds I would have made it to the next rest but my arms were done. Body weight strength training is tough but I’m so glad I am making progress. #IMaxedOut @ 11:42

I’m realizing that my form is terrible with lunges. I need to work on focusing on positioning my body straight up and down over my hips. I tend to lean forward and I believe it is because of my knee. I’ve developed a bad habit so here’s to better form tomorrow! So if you see me doing it call me out!

Thankful for videos, now I just need to get a mirror so I can actually see my form while I’m doing it.

Insanity Max:30 Day 37

Day 37:

Max Out Power

Dude! I’m feeling kind of rock star status right now… I feel good. I was able to max out almost two minutes longer than the last time, I’ve lost a pound or two, this program is amazing. Next time I do Max:30 remind me of this day! Because I don’t want to remember the days of struggling to push play, the days of soreness, I want this!

So even though I modified all the squaty stuff, even though Max Out Power is part of month 2 and it’s hard, I’m proof that it gets better! Better every day legit. Now that I’m feeling all strong and rock star, lets talk my weakness… My arms may look muscular but that’s definitely my weak area. I can do a full push up, I’m sure I can get A pull up done but 90% of the time my #MaxOut comes from an arm move. Like seriously, the person who invented plyo or pop up push ups is mean, lol! That’s what got me today, I will push further next week!


Today I got up early and I got stuff done! I woke up starved so I got my oatmeal started right off the bat!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raspberries and chopped walnuts

Pre-workout: Energize

Post workout: Vegan chocolate protein shake

Lunch: Bomb salad with romaine, purple cabbage, broccoli and pepitas with a drizzle of italian dressing

Snack: 3 maybe 4 Chocolate Shakeology No-Bake Cookies 🙂 (Peanut butter, oats, Choc Shakeo and some coconut oil)

Dinner: Black Bean tacos, YES TACOS! Black beans with salsa, cilantro, romaine and avocado, and a couple corn tortillas because they are my fave.

Insanity Max:30 Day 36

Day 36:

Max Out Cardio

I MAXED OUT AT 11:07!!!! CRAZY!!! I just kept telling myself I could go further and further. There were times when I was about to give up and then Shaun T would say 8 more seconds, so I’d push through. I didn’t press play until after 6 pm today. My son has a Summer Camp from 9-12 all week long and it sort of put a bump in my rhythm. That’s an excuse, I know, but I still pushed play. Shaun T says that’s the hardest part!

These two moves kicked my butt today! I did the Genie Tuck Jumps full out and then when he sped up the pace, that was where I maxed out. Once I maxed out I modified the jumps till they were done. The side to side butt kick move, was hard! The move before it had me huffing and puffing already, I probably would have done better had I not already been exhausted.


Today was so busy that I didn’t take the time to eat enough. All good foods but not nearly what I needed. I did however skip the free 7 Eleven Slurpee that my kids took advantage of at 6:55, I finished my workout and we ran down there before we missed it! Good think I toted my water with me everywhere because I might have missed that goal too.

Breakfast: Puffed wheat cereal with coconut milk and raspberries

Lunch: Curried Lentils with wild rice and broccoli

Pre Workout: Energize

Dinner: Vegan Shakeology with half a banana