Insanity Max:30 Day 35

Day 35:


Sunday is a hard day to get my workout in. We go places, we eat, we just do stuff! We usually sleep in and snuggle a little longer and that means I end up waiting till later in the evening to get Pulse done and then I end up whining for 20 minutes until I finally do it… But not today! A slice of toast with a bit of almond butter and a bit of canary melon for some go power because I’ve been waking up hungry and it was go time! I was up and sweaty by 7:30 today and felt good knowing I started the day on the right foot.

I struggled with all the pulse movements today. My whole body is still sore. My legs were especially tight stretching, I’m assuming because of my hike. #worthit


Usually we eat out on Sunday. Last time it was Indian food, which by the way I am obsessed with, I think it might be my new favorite. #sorrytacos We ended up going to a vegan burger place and all I could think about was a salad. As it turns out, the vegan place, had salads too! 😉  I had a super yummy Kale salad. Proud of another day on point. 👉


Insanity Max:30 Day 33 & 34

Day 33:

Friday Fight Round 2

I’ve been modifying because my feet and my knee have been bothering me a bit so I’m trying to take it easy on the jumping. I maxed out at 6:22 and wow!


My food game has been on point! My accountability group is sharing their food log at the end of the day to help us stay focused at being good. It’s easier for me to take pictures than it is to list it all out. I really need to eat a lot of food, good food that is 🙂 We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and I resisted having ice cream, chocolate muffins and some lemony delicious looking thing. I opted for honey dew and grapes. Focus on the end goal!


Day 34:

Rest Day

Today was amazing! I am not a sit at home and do nothing type. I workout to be able to be an adventurer. That’s what I did today. I rested from the squats, push ups and planks and hit the dirt trail. Took my pups and had an adventure recharging in God’s beautiful outdoors. Someone mentioned the other day that just getting outside in the woods around running water, the ions are different and actually make us feel at peace. I’ll take it!

Insanity Max:30 Day 31 & 32

Workouts 31 & 32:

Two Days Worth of Workouts Today

You may have noticed that I usually space my days out so that you get a break down of each exercise. BUT I have a confession… I skipped my workout yesterday. Since I’m in an accountability group with some other rad chicks doing Max:30 also, I need to stay on schedule with them. That means today I workout twice! Yes, it’s insanity at it’s finest 😉 It’s not a good excuse but I worked yesterday and then we went to our neighbors for dinner. I totally had time to workout but I procrastinated and got nothing done instead. So today I suffer for my laziness.

Max Out Sweat

I have decided not to wear my vest for a bit because my feet have started bothering me again. It may be time to buy new shoes… again… I know, how weird for a girl not to like buying shoes but I’m a bargain shopper. Spending $100+ on shoes makes me batty. Along with my feet my knee has been sore too, I’m listening to my body and taking it easy. Which also means I need to be modifying more of the jumping movements.

I was so hungry I decided I needed to take a little break before pushing play again. Vegan chocolate protein shake with a Fuji apple.

Max Out Strength

Dude, I modified almost everything this round and I maxed out at 8 minutes again. Shaun had my triceps screaming! It felt good to have my arms shaking from exhaustion, it’s been a while since I’ve had that happen. I used to do a boot camp class at the gym and my arms were always shaky afterwards. I had a hard time putting my mascara on it was so bad. Seriously though, I foresee some muscle gain this next month. Tomorrow is Friday Fight Round 2 and after today I’m a little nervous. I’ve committed to getting some yoga in twice a week and I haven’t done it once so tomorrow I’ll be doing that too. I need to work on my flexibility again.


Is it bedtime yet???

Insanity Max:30 Day 30

Day 30:

Max Out Power

I think I might be a little insane now… At first I was scared, like, oh no, I might die! But after today, I’m just going to have fun with it. I’m going to dance, I’m going to giggle and I’m going to squirm through the pain because I know it’s good for me! Month two, I’ve got this!

I honestly had a lot of fun during my workout today. #IMaxedOut @ 11:20 and even though I was exhausted and sweaty, I felt good when I was done. I LOVED the warm-up today! Something about not having to do tons of jumping jacks made my calves super happy. Usually they are on fire by the second move but not today.

Goal of the Week:

Stays as pumped about this program as I’m feeling right now, no matter how tough Max Out Sweat is tomorrow 😉


Insanity Max:30 Day 29

First and foremost, Happy 4th of July! Excited to go light my sparklers and see my little buzzing flower fireworks. Kids and Troy are excited for the mortars…

Day 29:


Day 1 of Month 2!

#RealTalk This program I swear is my kryptonite. I’ve done it one time before this and this time I am feeling better, mentally and physically. The workouts are tough but I can do them. The nutrition is simple but I keep sabotaging myself. I am so thankful I’m in a 30 challenge this month to cut out sugar. So far I’m on day 4 and I feel so much better. I woke up with less stomach bloat and I feel like it’s only going to get better. I saw results from last round of Max:30 but I want to really hammer it out and nail down my nutrition this time. I let myself slack the last 28 days and I’m not allowing for any excuses this month. I always let holidays be my excuse and today is the 4th of July, BBQ potlucks are tough but I will persevere! If I could eat a small treat, that would be fine, but I am such a sugar addict that I feel the need to eat a bit of every dessert on the table. Proud that I said no to homemade ice cream even, crazy right?!?

Max Out Cardio

This workout was no joke! I was only a couple minutes in and felt like toast. The warm-up was pretty intense, but after a month of one routine, I suppose it’s time for a change. I’ve gotten accustomed to the 5 minute in water break and we pushed til almost the 6 minute mark before the break.

I started with a goal of 7 minutes and maxed out at 7:46, beat my goal for a win!

After: DRIPPING sweat!