Insanity Max:30 Day 27 & 28

Day 27:

Rest Day

I take my rest day serious! I don’t just take a day of rest from working out, I take a rest from laundry, cleaning, yard work, work, anything that I do that I don’t feel relaxed doing. To be able to do that requires a little preparation. Yesterday was spent making my house immaculate, cutting up produce, preparing my potluck dish and making sure the yard was in tip top shape. My fitness journey and my journey into learning more about God has really pieced together the importance of rest.

21 “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; in plowing time and in harvest you shall rest. Exodus 34:21

Last year I NEVER rested. Sure I had rest days from my workout but I was still go go go all the time. It is so nice to be able to have a day to recharge and spend with my people. A day to get outside and just soak up all the beauty in the world. So that’s what we did today. Church, fellowship meal and then a hike to see waterfalls.

Day 28:


Say what?!?

I can’t even believe this! Time flies when you’re having fun right? Well honestly I can’t say that I’m having “fun” but I sure am enjoying the fact that 30 minutes a day is giving me results. I’m enjoying that I have a crew of awesome peeps committed to finishing out Max:30 this month with me.

I can’t emphasize enough, how important having a strong network to back you is! If you don’t have people fighting for you to be a better you, it’s easy to slip back in old ways. If you are always with people who are giving up and never follow through, it’s easy to do the same. If you don’t have that support, I can help you.

I’ve been thinking about how I can help people on their journey to health… I’ve learned that jumping in full throttle with tons of changes usually results in failure. SO, I’ve decided to do weekly challenges that will be run through my Facebook page, and would LOVE to have you in each one to help you get ready for full integration of a healthier lifestyle. Check out my events to see when the next healthy step occurs! Because you can change your habits to lose weight but if they are habits you hate and they are only going to last 30 days, you didn’t really help yourself. You’ve got to love what you do, or at least be able to tolerate it 😉

Cheers to getting your drink on! With water of course!

Ps. Still the longest minute of my life…. But legs are the biggest muscle and burn the most calories so I do it! 



Insanity Max:30 Day 26

Day 26:

Friday Fight Round 1

Friday is house cleaning day and usually I keep up during the week so it’s not a lot to do. The weather has been nice enough and I’ve been outside as much as I can instead of sitting in the house. After all that work was said and done it was time to push play and to be honest I wasn’t feeling it. I cheered myself on the whole time though and maxed out at 11:20, last week was 10:28, I’ll take that progress! Best part about finishing today’s workout, it’s the last time I have to do Friday Fight Round 1, worst part, next Friday is round two. {{Help me!}}

I wore my weighted vest until I maxed out and then I was sweating so bad and exhausted I decided to take it off.

My silly pup was unsure of the v-sit stomach pounding I gave myself for the last minute. I love that little pooch to pieces!


The neighbor brought us some cookies as a thank you for helping them out a couple weeks ago. I confess I ate a few, thankfully they are small cookies and not huge ones. I’m going to focus on eating lots of veggies for dinner and having my Shakeology as my dessert tonight instead of as a snack. Ya win some and ya lose some. Those cookies may have been my downfall for workout motivation today….

Insanity Max:30 Day 25

Day 25:

Tabata Strength, the very last one 🙂 😦 🙂



Today was a day of accomplishment! Tuesday I maxed out at 7:46, today #IMaxedOut @ 9:38! SAY WHAT?!?! Just short of two minutes longer. I had actually contemplated skipping my workout today too! I think what pushed me was knowing this was the last time I had to do tabata and the fact that I have just had a great day. Took my boys to the skate park so they could practice their scooting skills and did some shopping for me. I’m prepping for a girls trip to Nashville and I don’t want to be looking to bum like. Plus when you’ve been working so hard on your girlish figure, why not buy it something perdy!



I’m actually really proud of myself because we went to lunch and the restaurant we went to didn’t have a lot of vegetarian, let alone vegan options. My go to at Mexican has been nachos in the past, those are hard to screw up right? I didn’t see black beans on the menu so I was a little scared. I had a weak moment where I was contemplating just eating that tasty cheesy pile of calories… Then the guy came to take our order and I asked about the black beans. They had them! Crisis averted, I went with a vegan taco salad. I’m not sure what I would have done if there were no black beans, it could have been bad…

One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I love about Max:30 is the No Time to Cook Guide. Shaun T travels a lot and I think he has a pretty good handle on what to and what not to eat. His guide has so many great options for helping stay within your meal plan. You’d be surprised how many calories, salt or fat are in foods that you think are healthy. SO GOOD!


Insanity Max:30 Day 24

Day 24:

Sweat Intervals

Starting off the warm up, I got warned….


Little further in, another warning. Lol!


Today was a little bit of a doozy. I slept longer than I wanted to and was STARVING! I had scheduled to go for a walk with some friends at 8:30 but had hair cut plans afterwards so I had to get my workout in before. I had to make sure there was time for a shower after “Sweat Intervals!” Finally pushed play at 8:05 and that meant I only had 20 minutes to work out. Then I had to push pause and leave for my walk, then return home and finish the last 10 minutes. I maxed out at 12:50, only 31 seconds longer than the last time. I improved but I feel like I probably could have done better if I hadn’t eaten so close to my workout time. My morning routine included all this before I could push play though:

  • First feed the dogs.
  • Drink a glass of water before food.
  • Making said food and eating it.
  • Letting the chickens and ducks out of their coop.
  • Watering the garden.
  • Let pups out to potty.
  • Then pushing play, if all goes well..

I forewarned them I’d be a sweaty beast for our walk. No excuses, I finished it when I got back home. It may not have been the ideal sweat session but what’s done is done. Can’t believe we’re almost done with month 1.


Insanity Max:30 Day 23

Day 23:

Tabata Strength


Day 2 of Week 4: SO TIRED! I did a lot of weeding in my garden yesterday and my hamstrings are killing me, my gluteus maximus a little bit too. I’ve got one more chance to kick butt at Tabata Strength this week. Thursday’s goal is to push through til 8 minutes. Today I made it to 7:46 and it was tough. I really struggle with those diamond jumps but I made it past them. I just told myself, only 20 more seconds, I can do anything for 20 seconds…

I really enjoy water breaks in the other workouts but I actually feel like the recovery moves make the time go faster. I especially appreciated the Mummy Kicks. The first Beachbody program I ever tried was Insanity. I made it a couple weeks and said no thank you. This is one of the moves that I actually didn’t hate in that program. I guess I can’t say that I hated the moves but it was so intense for too long of a time for me. I like to be hardcore but my body doesn’t like it much!



Breakfast: 2 slices of seeded bread with almond butter

Pre-workout: E & E

Post workout: Vegan Chocolate Protein Shake (By the way I’m still loving this.)

Lunch: Lentils and rice with lemony green beans.

Snack: Vegan Strawberry Shakeology with half a banana

Dinner: Salad with lots of veggies and hemp seeds is on the schedule for tonight!


Insanity Max:30 Day 22

Day 22:

Cardio Challenge

I feel like a cheater today… I forgot to put on my vest. #IMaxedOut at 11:02 today! I was at 8:52 last week. Goes to show you how adding that extra weight is helping my performance when I don’t wear it. I ended up putting my vest on after I maxed out and definitely felt the difference in all the movements. The plus side about doing Cardio Challenge today is that it’s the last time I have to do it! Next week kicks of month 2 and that means a whole new set of workouts, scary!!!

Long hair, do care! Must braid it for workouts because sweating and having my hair cling, yuck!


My nutrition the last few days has been sort of unorganized. I’ve been eating clean foods but I think there’s been a few too many carbs involved and hummus, yeah I really like hummus. Hummus is good for you but definitely is small amounts. It’s made out of garbanzo beans and olive oil, so it has protein, carb and oil all in one. The warm weather we have had makes me want cold foods. Been eating a lot of fruit too. So it’s back to meal prepping because I have 4 weeks left to drop some body fat! So grateful for the clean eating group this week because my brain doesn’t want to think, it just wants to eat 🙂

One more thought

Ever since having Damien I’ve been allergic to watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, honey dew, anything melon related. I’ve been pushing my boundaries this last month and I haven’t been having any allergic reactions. I’ve never broken out in hives when I eat it, just get an itchy throat and my lips start to get swollen a bit. Funny the only thing that made me sick during pregnancy with him was melon. I’m not eating a whole melon to myself or anything but I have enjoyed a dish of melon and this dish with a cucumber and pineapple salad. I can’t help but wonder if cutting out the dairy and meat has helped my body not be so on the defense. I wonder if it’s helped settle it down. I really LOVE melon, so I’m really hoping I’m no longer allergic. I used to eat it as a kid and have seed spitting contests with my cousins on the family farm(good memories) and I’ve been missing out for the last almost *gulp* 14 years… Can’t believe my boy is going to be 14 next month!