3 Week Yoga Retreat


This is me. Committing to 3 weeks!

It’s no secret, I don’t like yoga. I guess I should say I don’t like doing yoga. But I love how yoga makes my body feel! (Please note, poses above will be improved in 3 weeks!) I know that yoga is great for strength, endurance, flexibility and relaxation, all things I need in my life.

I’m going to be doing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat through Beachbody OnDemand. I’ve only tried a handful of the routines, so far they have been great. I love how simple the moves get broken down, you almost don’t have to watch, you could just listen to the verbal cues. I love that I can do this in my pajamas and not feel like I have to compete with yoga masters in a class. I always felt so awkward at the gym because this is truly not my thing. My flexibility is terrible!

The Trainers

There are multiple trainers teaching the moves, Vytas, Elise, Ted and Faith.

  • Vytas Baskauskas– Vytas teaches week one. He helps hammer down the basics.
  • Elise Joan– Elise teaches week two. She is going to be adding a little more intensity to what you learned during week one.
  • Ted McDonald– Ted teaches week three. He is taking the routine even further and adding more depth to poses.
  • Faith Hunter– Faith teaches the weekend practices. The weekend routines are designed to help you relax and de-stress.

Who is this program for?

EVERYONE! This program is for someone who’s never done yoga and it’s for someone who loves yoga. They are great about breaking down each step, if you can’t do it, they’ve got someone showing you a modified or less bendy version.

How long is each routine?

These workouts range from 10 minutes to just under 30 minutes. Perfect for squeezing them in before work or before bed, even your lunch break if you don’t mind going back a little bit sweaty. Maybe you’re the lucky one who doesn’t sweat, me not so much. #sweatybetty

The Calendar

The calendar has 7 days of yoga, two of those days are shorter routines, I promise you can do it! Every week the moves get a little tougher, you only have to go as deep as you’re comfortable.

  • Monday: Core
  • Tuesday: Stretch
  • Wednesday: Balance
  • Thursday: Flow
  • Friday: Flow On-The-Go
  • Saturday: Relax
  • Sunday: Take 10, AM, PM & Abs

Meal Plan?

Unfortunately the 3 Week Yoga Retreat doesn’t come with a meal plan. I can help you with that though, so don’t be worried about that.

Equipment Needed

No equipment is required but it is nice to have a yoga mat. If you aren’t super bendy to start you might want to get a yoga block or two. Also if you don’t want to use a towel or a belt, you could use a yoga strap.

How can you join in on the fun?

Shoot me an email at Darcisfitkick@gmail.com and I will be in touch with how to get you in on the fun. Oh, and guess what, you can join me on this adventure for FREE! Well for 30 days at least πŸ˜‰ If you don’t love the program, cancel before 30 days is up and you won’t get billed.

Be on the look out for 3 weeks of yoga adventures!