Expansion Week 2, 3 Week Yoga Retreat

Week 2 with Elise ❤

I hate being off schedule but I wasn’t feeling so hot on Monday and had to post pone my yoga sesh until Tuesday. It is what it is. I’m learning to be a little more flexible with my workouts and not beat myself up if I’m not perfect. Maybe that’s part of the yoga practice speaking?

Day 8:

Core, 30 Minutes

Elise is good at reminding you to quit with the doubt. At the same time though, boy am I feeling these movements. I used to think my core was strong and now I’m thinking not so much. She’s a great teacher, I’m just not very strong or bendy yet. One of the things I’m most excited about with today’s practice was during one of the side stretches you are also doing a triceps stretch. I never really felt like my triceps got very stretched and learned that keeping your chin up in the stretch gives a little extra pull in that position. I’m super sore from adding weight training back into my routine so that was nice.

Screenshot (18).png

Day 9:

Stretch, 30 Minutes

My body is so tight. Between ice skating and starting the Master’s Hammer and Chisel, this week I needed this in my life. I’m definitely not feeling very flexible today due to sore muscles. I think if I hadn’t been doing yoga though, I’d be feeling even tighter.


Day 10:

Balance, 30 Minutes

“Half of our work in balance is learning how to fall and get back up,” sometimes I think she can see me through the screen. Lol. Usually I’m like, I’m good, I can hang in all the balance stuff. Apparently my tight muscles had a different plan. Warrior III definitely had a different plan too. I really liked how Elise broke down Warrior III into pieces and made the transition from lower lunge into it. I’m learning how unaware I am of my hip position, even my posture just standing is bad. I tend to stick my booty out, I’m having to reprogram my brain to tuck my pelvis in. Felt good though to get that move most down. We’ll see how the next time goes.

Day 11:

Flow, 30 Minutes

Faster pace today. Thankful for no new poses to learn today and that Child’s pose is the pose to go to if you need a rest. This was mostly like last weeks flow, except there were a few added poses like Goddess pose and Warrior III. Just realized I haven’t mentioned Goddess pose yet. WOW! Think holding a sumo squat for what feels like an eternity, except the goal is to keep your booty and chest in a straight line. I could hardly hold this one for so long. My hips are so not flexible.


I would have shown you a picture of myself doing the pose but then I’d have to kill you. Yes it’s that bad…  Elise makes it look easy 😉

Day 12:

Relax, 25 Minutes

I gotta be honest. I skipped yoga today. Saturday is my rest day and because I really didn’t enjoy doing Relax last week, I decided I wasn’t going to do it this week and save Flow On-The-Go for Sunday and also do Take 10 Am Monday morning before I do Hammer & Chisel.

Day 13:

Flow On-The-Go, 20 Minutes

This was my favorite routine this week. Could it be because of how short it was?!? I’ve sort of been on the countdown all week, like is today’s practice done? I know that’s not good for yoga, or any workout for that matter, your mindset can make you or break you. It was really helpful to see the different instructors, Faith, Ted and Elise doing the flat back pose because I feel like mine is terrible. Seeing the difference was helpful. Ted gives me hope that I can get mine as flat as his was. Elise is a little intimidating, she’s got some dancer movement, she used to do ballet! Check out her website by clicking the picture below, super impressive!

Screenshot (19).png

Day 14:

Take 10 Am-Pm-Abs, 10 Minutes, Pick one or all!

I decided to do the Am routine and it felt good! It was nice to have 10 minutes to get into the mood to workout. It wasn’t super intense with a lot of squat time, just some sun salutations and then a little bit of Warrior II to wake me up. I think I’ll be trying to do this one more often in the morning. I’m feeling a little looser in my hamstrings again too. I think this next week is going to be even better for my flexibility.