Progression Week 3, 3 Week Yoga Retreat

(3WYR UPDATE) This is me being real…

3 Week Yoga Retreat, DNF. I didn’t complete this program. I couldn’t honestly tell you why because I really did enjoy how simple the moves were broken down, how short the routines were. Over all I was happy with it, I even gained flexibility. Alas I got behind on the last two days and ended up quitting. I missed the two days and planned to get back on track but didn’t. I am going to complete this program in January-March only not in the daily fashion. Please note I said “I am going to” and not I’m going to try. I am going to be incorporating yoga into my routine because I know I’m going to need it! (Insanity is killer and I know I’ll need the stretching! Cheers to Day 1 by the way!) I felt guilty looking at this post sitting in my drafts. SO I figured why not put it out there… I may be determined to be healthy but even I get off track sometimes.

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Wish I would have found all these pose guides earlier! How awesome is it to have them broken down like that? I found them all on the Beachbody Yoga Facebook page. If you’re loving all this yoga awesomeness and want to try it, click the picture to get a free Team Beachbody membership and I’ll be in touch to get you signed up for 30 days of Beachbody OnDemand free so you can get started on your 3 Week Yoga Retreat ❤

Week 3 with Ted

Day 15:

Core, 30 Minutes

Today was amazing! Troy came home and asked me if I wanted to do yoga with him! I was planning to do it right before bed but I love having a workout partner. I dropped the documentary Damien and I were watching and rolled out my mat ❤

I think I may be partial to male instructors. I took a couple classes at the gym and I didn’t really enjoy the female instructors that I had but did enjoy the guy who taught on Fridays, maybe it was because he had a cool name and showed the harder variations, I don’t know. It was enjoyable having Ted as a teacher today. I’ve seen Ted practice yoga before on P90X3 so maybe I’m partial because I know him already and I’m a creature of habit, I like my comfort zone.

Starting out I was a little nervous that today was going to be super hardCORE just because the first shoulder stretch really got my shoulders warmed up. Ya know when you clasp your hands together behind your back, bend over and lift your arms up behind you? Well mine barely come off my back, Troy’s were at a 45 degree angle! I was able to raise them higher each time we practiced it but man are those muscles tight. Made me realize I need to do that stretch more often. The breathing really helped me to relax and let myself go deeper into the stretches also.

All in all, today was a good day.

Day 16:

Stretch, 30 Minutes

Out of the 3 stretch routines, this one was my favorite! We even got to do pigeon pose 🙂 My tightest area is my hips and hamstrings, even though this pose is hard, it feels so good to stretch there. Ted seems so relaxed and really talks about every movement and which muscle should be stretching.

Day 17:

Balance, 30 Minutes

While Ted didn’t do this move on today’s workout, this is goals! He may be my favorite just because I got to watch him go from crow pose to handstand on p90X3, I have a handstand obsession…

Day 18:

Flow, 30 Minutes

Today was hard. My body didn’t want to cooperate on any of the poses. My kids kept coming in and out and bickering between each other. That and my internet didn’t want to load much. Talk about frustration. I got 15 minutes in and the screen would freeze, I’d have to wait a few minutes then it would load again. What should have taken me 30 minutes took closer to 40 minutes. I did notice that in forward fold my hamstrings are starting to loosen up finally. Doing the Master’s Hammer and Chisel has been a challenge with stretching because I’ve neglected weights for so long that my whole body has been sore for the last 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing. Plus it’s good that I’m taking the time to do yoga and help stretch and loosen those muscles. The pose below, felt SOOO good! My hips needed it.


Day 19:

Flow On-The-Go, 20 Minutes


Day 20:

Relax, 25 Minutes


Day 21:

Take 10 Am-Pm-Abs, 10 Minutes, Pick one or all!

I really am enjoying the Take 10 Am, I want to incorporate this into my regular routine. Just a good way to wake up. It starts my day off with a positive note and what better way?!?

I’m coming for you 3 Week Yoga Retreat!



Expansion Week 2, 3 Week Yoga Retreat

Week 2 with Elise ❤

I hate being off schedule but I wasn’t feeling so hot on Monday and had to post pone my yoga sesh until Tuesday. It is what it is. I’m learning to be a little more flexible with my workouts and not beat myself up if I’m not perfect. Maybe that’s part of the yoga practice speaking?

Day 8:

Core, 30 Minutes

Elise is good at reminding you to quit with the doubt. At the same time though, boy am I feeling these movements. I used to think my core was strong and now I’m thinking not so much. She’s a great teacher, I’m just not very strong or bendy yet. One of the things I’m most excited about with today’s practice was during one of the side stretches you are also doing a triceps stretch. I never really felt like my triceps got very stretched and learned that keeping your chin up in the stretch gives a little extra pull in that position. I’m super sore from adding weight training back into my routine so that was nice.

Screenshot (18).png

Day 9:

Stretch, 30 Minutes

My body is so tight. Between ice skating and starting the Master’s Hammer and Chisel, this week I needed this in my life. I’m definitely not feeling very flexible today due to sore muscles. I think if I hadn’t been doing yoga though, I’d be feeling even tighter.


Day 10:

Balance, 30 Minutes

“Half of our work in balance is learning how to fall and get back up,” sometimes I think she can see me through the screen. Lol. Usually I’m like, I’m good, I can hang in all the balance stuff. Apparently my tight muscles had a different plan. Warrior III definitely had a different plan too. I really liked how Elise broke down Warrior III into pieces and made the transition from lower lunge into it. I’m learning how unaware I am of my hip position, even my posture just standing is bad. I tend to stick my booty out, I’m having to reprogram my brain to tuck my pelvis in. Felt good though to get that move most down. We’ll see how the next time goes.

Day 11:

Flow, 30 Minutes

Faster pace today. Thankful for no new poses to learn today and that Child’s pose is the pose to go to if you need a rest. This was mostly like last weeks flow, except there were a few added poses like Goddess pose and Warrior III. Just realized I haven’t mentioned Goddess pose yet. WOW! Think holding a sumo squat for what feels like an eternity, except the goal is to keep your booty and chest in a straight line. I could hardly hold this one for so long. My hips are so not flexible.


I would have shown you a picture of myself doing the pose but then I’d have to kill you. Yes it’s that bad…  Elise makes it look easy 😉

Day 12:

Relax, 25 Minutes

I gotta be honest. I skipped yoga today. Saturday is my rest day and because I really didn’t enjoy doing Relax last week, I decided I wasn’t going to do it this week and save Flow On-The-Go for Sunday and also do Take 10 Am Monday morning before I do Hammer & Chisel.

Day 13:

Flow On-The-Go, 20 Minutes

This was my favorite routine this week. Could it be because of how short it was?!? I’ve sort of been on the countdown all week, like is today’s practice done? I know that’s not good for yoga, or any workout for that matter, your mindset can make you or break you. It was really helpful to see the different instructors, Faith, Ted and Elise doing the flat back pose because I feel like mine is terrible. Seeing the difference was helpful. Ted gives me hope that I can get mine as flat as his was. Elise is a little intimidating, she’s got some dancer movement, she used to do ballet! Check out her website by clicking the picture below, super impressive!

Screenshot (19).png

Day 14:

Take 10 Am-Pm-Abs, 10 Minutes, Pick one or all!

I decided to do the Am routine and it felt good! It was nice to have 10 minutes to get into the mood to workout. It wasn’t super intense with a lot of squat time, just some sun salutations and then a little bit of Warrior II to wake me up. I think I’ll be trying to do this one more often in the morning. I’m feeling a little looser in my hamstrings again too. I think this next week is going to be even better for my flexibility.

Foundation Week 1, 3 Week Yoga Retreat

Week 1 with Vytas

Day 1:

Core, 30 Minutes

When I first did this routine I assumed it would be stomach, back, abdomen type work. I’ve learned that it’s the core fundamentals of yoga. We learned correct positioning for downward dog, cat & cow, child pose, plank, proper breathing and a few other movements. I really like Vytas so far, his approach is very calming and you don’t feel super pressured to make the more advanced of the movements he’s demonstrating. I’ve taken a few yoga classes and always felt like I was doing poses wrong, well I was. It’s nice how much every move gets broken down. Vytas tells me to lift my chest, where to look in a pose and when to suck in my belly button to protect my spine.

I personally struggle with breathing through my nose. Yoga is very centered on breathing, Vytas didn’t start the program making you focus on that. He helped learn the moves and then added in when to breath in and out. Just adding in proper breathing helped me feel more comfortable in the movements. Definitely appreciated that progression.

Every time I do yoga I realize how not flexible I am. Forward fold is the one that really gets me. The move is basically bending at the waist and letting your arms hang to the floor, I can touch my toes if I really push it. I did notice that the further into today’s routine I got, the further down my arms hung. This excites me because I’ve got 20 more days of progress to make! During the plank to downward and today’s core work actually had me shaking, made me realize how weak my core and arms are.


Goals after today?

I’m hoping to be able to bend a little better and maybe be able to put my chest to my knees, probably not after the first 3 weeks, but very soon. Also would like more flexibility in my hips and hammies. That is where I feel the most “pain,” or tension I guess, during most of the movements.

Day 2:

Stretch, 30 Minutes


While I love having a workout buddy I think tomorrow we will be rolling up the zigzag rug  so there is a little more space for two yoga mats, I tend to trip over the rug. I prefer to get my workout done in the morning but my husband is trying out yoga with me, so evenings it is. I have a hunch that it will help with his back pain, so he’s trying to listen to my advice. If anyone is a yoga skeptic, it’s that guy.

Tonight’s adventures included a bit of smacking each other due to lack of space. It didn’t help that we were sort of agitated with different things from the day. Taking 30 minutes to do yoga put us both in a better spot. It felt really good to stretch. Note to self: buy an extra yoga block and a couple yoga straps. Dog leashes and belts work but sure looks redneck. Lol.

About the stretching, yikes! My hammies are so tight! We really focused on stretching them tonight which is a really good thing, the hips too. I actually saw something today that was talking about posture and how a curved back may make your booty pop but it’s actually really not good for you. Made me really think about my posture in everything. For instance, I drive with one hand at 10 on the wheel and the other at 5 because I rest my elbow on the armrest. No wonder my neck gets tweaked easy. So back to drivers ed days and 10 & 2 on the wheel, although my daughter told me that it’s now 9 & 3 instead. I’m looking forward to balance tomorrow because I am hoping that will help get me lined up straight again. Crazy to think how an injury in your knee can be caused by bad posture but our bodies are one unit, if one part is out of line it will affect the rest.

By the way, as we laid in bed Troy mentioned that yoga was good. I think it really helped that there weren’t chimes and no chanting, just stretching, holding poses and breathing. Simple as that. I have to admit that I like it that way too.

Goals after today?

One move has you lay on your back and raise your right leg up using a yoga strap(belt or dog leash in my case) to keep it straight and then extending your left leg out flat with your calf touching the ground. I’d like to be able to get that leg flat on the ground. I’m pretty close but not quite. I think getting there by the end of this 3 weeks is a good goal.

Day 3:

Balance, 30 Minutes

The time is listed as 30 minutes but it was closer to 27 minutes. Vytas talked for a few minutes before getting started, which I’m okay with. 🙂

We are both feeling a little sore from yesterday. Not just from yoga, we’ve been busy doing other things. Troy has been working on restoring our trailer for the last couple of days. Poor guy has been on his back spray painting on the rocky driveway. My kids talked me into riding my roller blades to the skate park. It’s crazy how kids are so resilient, I thought my legs were going to fall off half way there.


Getting started today with some downward dog. Warming up each leg before straightening both helps keep your knees happy.

The two poses that come to mind tonight are Warrior II and Chaturanga. Warrior II is a little rough on both of our gimpy knees but we are staying hopeful. The muscles in my gimpy knee need to be strengthened and I know that will help my running and squatting form too.(Sneak peak below of Vytas teaching how to do Warrior II in this program.) As for chaturanga, basically a triceps pushup with a hold half way down, hard stuff, luckily you can do it from your knees if you need to.

Goals after today?

Work on shoulder flexibility, I’d like to master that downward dog. And be able to chaturanga without feeling my body shake as I push back up.

Day 4:

Flow, 30 Minutes

This was goooood! In yoga classes I’ve taken, they don’t really teach, I’ve always felt unsure about upward dog. I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing it wrong since the first time I tried it. Today we learned how to “Flow.” We did sun salutation, which is standing in mountain pose, reaching your arms to the sky, bending down to forward fold, up to flat back and then step back into plank, chaturanga to upward dog or cobra, then to downward dog, back into plank, step back to the front of the mat, flat back, forward fold, and then reverse dive back to mountain, and hands to chest. It sounds more complicated than it really is but breathing in sync with the movements was super helpful. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are hard days to get Troy in on the yoga action but he’s committed to joining me again on Sunday.

Day 5:

Flow On-The-Go, 20 Minutes

Friday’s are always my busiest day. Felt good to bust this one out first thing in the morning. Glad it was a bit shorter and more focused and getting it done. We did all of the same movements as yesterday but less focus on the teaching aspect.

Day 6:

Relax, 25 Minutes

Saturday is my rest day, I unplug for most of the day so I waited til Sunday to Relax. I enjoyed this week of yoga.Today’s is the style of yoga I don’t really enjoy. Relaxation for me isn’t sitting in my workout room breathing and being calm. I find serenity in the outdoors. That’s where I like to breathe. It felt good to take it easy but I can’t say the Relax is my cup of tea. I did get to enjoy some unexpected extra company today though. I don’t know if you can see it, but even the dogs were in here with us.


Day 7:

Take 10 Am-Pm-Abs, 10 Minutes, Pick one or all!

I decided to go with Take 10 Pm. I was grumpy, Troy was grumpy, I just couldn’t get my brain to shut down. It felt good to calm myself down before going to bed.

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3 Week Yoga Retreat


This is me. Committing to 3 weeks!

It’s no secret, I don’t like yoga. I guess I should say I don’t like doing yoga. But I love how yoga makes my body feel! (Please note, poses above will be improved in 3 weeks!) I know that yoga is great for strength, endurance, flexibility and relaxation, all things I need in my life.

I’m going to be doing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat through Beachbody OnDemand. I’ve only tried a handful of the routines, so far they have been great. I love how simple the moves get broken down, you almost don’t have to watch, you could just listen to the verbal cues. I love that I can do this in my pajamas and not feel like I have to compete with yoga masters in a class. I always felt so awkward at the gym because this is truly not my thing. My flexibility is terrible!

The Trainers

There are multiple trainers teaching the moves, Vytas, Elise, Ted and Faith.

  • Vytas Baskauskas– Vytas teaches week one. He helps hammer down the basics.
  • Elise Joan– Elise teaches week two. She is going to be adding a little more intensity to what you learned during week one.
  • Ted McDonald– Ted teaches week three. He is taking the routine even further and adding more depth to poses.
  • Faith Hunter– Faith teaches the weekend practices. The weekend routines are designed to help you relax and de-stress.

Who is this program for?

EVERYONE! This program is for someone who’s never done yoga and it’s for someone who loves yoga. They are great about breaking down each step, if you can’t do it, they’ve got someone showing you a modified or less bendy version.

How long is each routine?

These workouts range from 10 minutes to just under 30 minutes. Perfect for squeezing them in before work or before bed, even your lunch break if you don’t mind going back a little bit sweaty. Maybe you’re the lucky one who doesn’t sweat, me not so much. #sweatybetty

The Calendar

The calendar has 7 days of yoga, two of those days are shorter routines, I promise you can do it! Every week the moves get a little tougher, you only have to go as deep as you’re comfortable.

  • Monday: Core
  • Tuesday: Stretch
  • Wednesday: Balance
  • Thursday: Flow
  • Friday: Flow On-The-Go
  • Saturday: Relax
  • Sunday: Take 10, AM, PM & Abs

Meal Plan?

Unfortunately the 3 Week Yoga Retreat doesn’t come with a meal plan. I can help you with that though, so don’t be worried about that.

Equipment Needed

No equipment is required but it is nice to have a yoga mat. If you aren’t super bendy to start you might want to get a yoga block or two. Also if you don’t want to use a towel or a belt, you could use a yoga strap.

How can you join in on the fun?

Shoot me an email at and I will be in touch with how to get you in on the fun. Oh, and guess what, you can join me on this adventure for FREE! Well for 30 days at least 😉 If you don’t love the program, cancel before 30 days is up and you won’t get billed.

Be on the look out for 3 weeks of yoga adventures!