1.14.18 to 1.20.18

Week 3 of Me

This week didn’t go 100% as planned but allowing flexibility in my routine has become important. It’s easy for me to become “obsessed” about not missing a workout. But I know that becoming obsessed over my workout results in a lack of satisfaction throughout the rest of my day. It can trigger me to beat myself up for “slacking.” I couldn’t be happier with my growth towards being a little more spontaneous.

Day 15: Total Body

There is nothing like getting outside for a workout. Especially on a day that’s a perfect temperature for a workout. Doing burpees in the damp grass is the perfect prep for a Spartan Race. I made it just past the 10 box jumps and I plan to repeat this “test” in two weeks to see how my speed and endurance has improved.

Day 16: Snow Day

Today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, meaning, no school. I was able to go to the mountain with all 3 baby bears.

If there was one thing I could get people who don’t enjoy exercise to do, it would be to find something fun to do. Even if you aren’t doing a workout routine, you are still getting in movement which is good for the body. I’m not actually sore after our day at the mountain but I know my kids are! I’m giving credit to regular squats and squat jumps lately. I workout for that reason, I want to be able to enjoy active living without feeling like I need to take a break to catch my breath.

Day 17: Legs (with a bit of chest)

I ❤️ my new workout toy!

Day 18: Mashup of Stuff

I think dead lifts are probably my most favorite move. I think it’s because I’m sore every time I do them. There’s nothing quite like getting a workout done and waking up the next morning knowing why you’re sore. I’d rather know why I’m aching than ache because I wasn’t active and received an injury because of that.

Day 19: Arms

Preparing for this routine I decided to load up my barbell with 50 lbs. I picked it up and attempted to get a barbel curl done and I couldn’t do it. When I was going to the gym I remember doing curls on the machine with 50 lbs and struggling but getting it done. Then my 15 year old son came in, and picked up the barbell like it was a stick and busted out multiple curls with no problem. Let me tell you, I know that men are built physically stronger, but I am pushing harder than before because I’m not ready for him to be stronger than me yet!

The hardest part of today’s workout was the rest between sets. It’s crucial to get that time in so that your energy restores and you are able to complete the next set.

Day 20: Legs

Running, then adding in some harder workouts is great for endurance training. Running may be tough but putting a harder move between makes it seem almost like a rest time returning to your run. This intern makes your running ability stronger. I’m excited to see how my running times improve adding this technique into my routine.


Day 21: Rest Day
Forcing myself to rest is tough. But I have learned that rest days are necessary for recovery. I think I did more sitting today than I’ve done in a month. I may actually be starting to enjoy it.


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