7 Days of Me

Procrastinator is my middle name, disorganized is my second middle name…

Ever since I finished my first Spartan Race I wanted more from fitness, like to be able to help people with their fitness goals. Two years later I decided I wanted to be come a personal trainer. I did my research, there were so many online certifications that I wanted to make sure the one I had chosen was a good choice. I went to my old gym and asked what they like. Decided to go with NASM as my school of choice. Bought my fancy learning program and book and stayed dedicated for about two or three weeks before the summer arrived. I then slacked off and it was time for me to take my test. Well, I didn’t pass it and personal training sat on the back burner because I lacked the confidence, motivation, self direction to stick to a study schedule. Finally decided to start studying again and felt confident I would pass and paid for my test. Talk about a blow to my confidence, I failed by 1 point. Again I put it on the back burner. Until now…

I have come to realize that I am a hands on learner, trying to read from a textbook is BORING! Learning the muscle names, which ones are weak vs which ones are strong requires a visual for me. Names are not my strong point, why else do you think I’m super focused on brain health also. I am super thankful for YouTube! Part of my New Years resolution of 2017 was to get my certification done and hitting December 31st was a punch in the gut. It made me realize that no one is going to study for me, if I want to learn it, I need to do it!

Learn it, apply it!

This is my theme for the year. I’m being my own guinea pig and designing my own workout routines. The best part of doing this is I can give myself real feedback. I’ll know what is working or isn’t working for my goals. Only downside is that everyone’s goals aren’t the same. That just means I’ll need to study a bit more on those possible clients in the book (or YouTube.)

My proposed schedule.

  • Sunday- Total Body
  • Monday- Chest & Back
  • Tuesday- Leg Day
  • Wednesday- Core & Shoulders
  • Thursday- Arms
  • Friday- Leg Day
  • Saturday- Rest Day

Unofficial Day 1:

Um hello! I loved this workout! I got to use equipment that I haven’t busted out in a long time. Although I was aiming for a 20 minute sweat session and ended up with around 30 minutes. Doing the Bosu Skip Lunge showed me the importance of balance, my right leg was oddly less balanced than my left.

Day 2:

My back is definitely weak. I decided to stack Chest & Back day as more strength targeted for that reason. In hindsight I would probably change out the handstand holds to something a little more active. Also, when I decide to use the handstand hold again, I’d reduce hold times because that was pretty impossible for me to hold for 30 seconds the first time, let alone the 3rd as a beginner.

Day 3:

Somehow I did the math wrong on this and thought 1 round would be good. Realized at the 10 minute mark it needed to be doubled. I love circuit style workouts because you get a break after each move. One thing that could be improved was there was no time to transition to the next move.

Day 4:

Today’s workout was 22 Minute Hard Corps inspired. Mountain squats were on my mind and I couldn’t remember what they were called so I flipped through the videos to find them, and a few other moves too. That move looks so simple but it is tough!

Day 5:

Arms… my least favorite workout. I of course made sure to include burpees, Spartan Prep. Arms felt like jello!

I was fully expecting this workout to leave my arms sore but they weren’t, which tells me I should have used heavier weights with this style of workout.

Day 6:

Dead lifts, they are my jam! Cleans, not so much. Definitely something that needs work, form wise. The 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off was perfect for using the jump rope and resistance bands, made the transition much smoother. To make the burn more with the lunges, I might try not alternating legs, do left leg first round, right leg second, then alternate on the 3rd round next time.

Day 7:

Rest day, yay!!!

What I learned?

This is fun! It’s amazing what can be done when I put my mind to it. I’m excited to see how next week goes, and yes, I’ll be sharing that progress here too. I hope you enjoy the process as much as I am.


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