Progression Week 3, 3 Week Yoga Retreat

(3WYR UPDATE) This is me being real…

3 Week Yoga Retreat, DNF. I didn’t complete this program. I couldn’t honestly tell you why because I really did enjoy how simple the moves were broken down, how short the routines were. Over all I was happy with it, I even gained flexibility. Alas I got behind on the last two days and ended up quitting. I missed the two days and planned to get back on track but didn’t. I am going to complete this program in January-March only not in the daily fashion. Please note I said “I am going to” and not I’m going to try. I am going to be incorporating yoga into my routine because I know I’m going to need it! (Insanity is killer and I know I’ll need the stretching! Cheers to Day 1 by the way!) I felt guilty looking at this post sitting in my drafts. SO I figured why not put it out there… I may be determined to be healthy but even I get off track sometimes.

blog pic poses.jpg

Wish I would have found all these pose guides earlier! How awesome is it to have them broken down like that? I found them all on the Beachbody Yoga Facebook page. If you’re loving all this yoga awesomeness and want to try it, click the picture to get a free Team Beachbody membership and I’ll be in touch to get you signed up for 30 days of Beachbody OnDemand free so you can get started on your 3 Week Yoga Retreat ❤

Week 3 with Ted

Day 15:

Core, 30 Minutes

Today was amazing! Troy came home and asked me if I wanted to do yoga with him! I was planning to do it right before bed but I love having a workout partner. I dropped the documentary Damien and I were watching and rolled out my mat ❤

I think I may be partial to male instructors. I took a couple classes at the gym and I didn’t really enjoy the female instructors that I had but did enjoy the guy who taught on Fridays, maybe it was because he had a cool name and showed the harder variations, I don’t know. It was enjoyable having Ted as a teacher today. I’ve seen Ted practice yoga before on P90X3 so maybe I’m partial because I know him already and I’m a creature of habit, I like my comfort zone.

Starting out I was a little nervous that today was going to be super hardCORE just because the first shoulder stretch really got my shoulders warmed up. Ya know when you clasp your hands together behind your back, bend over and lift your arms up behind you? Well mine barely come off my back, Troy’s were at a 45 degree angle! I was able to raise them higher each time we practiced it but man are those muscles tight. Made me realize I need to do that stretch more often. The breathing really helped me to relax and let myself go deeper into the stretches also.

All in all, today was a good day.

Day 16:

Stretch, 30 Minutes

Out of the 3 stretch routines, this one was my favorite! We even got to do pigeon pose 🙂 My tightest area is my hips and hamstrings, even though this pose is hard, it feels so good to stretch there. Ted seems so relaxed and really talks about every movement and which muscle should be stretching.

Day 17:

Balance, 30 Minutes

While Ted didn’t do this move on today’s workout, this is goals! He may be my favorite just because I got to watch him go from crow pose to handstand on p90X3, I have a handstand obsession…

Day 18:

Flow, 30 Minutes

Today was hard. My body didn’t want to cooperate on any of the poses. My kids kept coming in and out and bickering between each other. That and my internet didn’t want to load much. Talk about frustration. I got 15 minutes in and the screen would freeze, I’d have to wait a few minutes then it would load again. What should have taken me 30 minutes took closer to 40 minutes. I did notice that in forward fold my hamstrings are starting to loosen up finally. Doing the Master’s Hammer and Chisel has been a challenge with stretching because I’ve neglected weights for so long that my whole body has been sore for the last 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing. Plus it’s good that I’m taking the time to do yoga and help stretch and loosen those muscles. The pose below, felt SOOO good! My hips needed it.


Day 19:

Flow On-The-Go, 20 Minutes


Day 20:

Relax, 25 Minutes


Day 21:

Take 10 Am-Pm-Abs, 10 Minutes, Pick one or all!

I really am enjoying the Take 10 Am, I want to incorporate this into my regular routine. Just a good way to wake up. It starts my day off with a positive note and what better way?!?

I’m coming for you 3 Week Yoga Retreat!



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