Get skinny quick? There’s no such thing.

I apologize in advance, I get a little heated and emotional in this posting. I’m not meaning to call anyone out and say anything bad about anyone, just being frank. I truly want to help everyone and I sort of have a thing for tough love sometimes. It’s the Coach in me, what can I say. Thinking about people I care about who have passed away too young because they smoked or just didn’t take care of themselves hurts. I don’t wish that hurt on anyone…

Last week I had the pleasure of handing out books for my church at the fair. I got to talk to all different kinds of people all while spending time with my husband and son.

While I was there I noticed something that really upset me, it seemed like maybe 1 in 10 people weren’t overweight. Carl Daikeler had mentioned something about this when I was in Nashville last month and it didn’t really hit me until I was in public. Apparently I’m such a home body that I’m not very observant when I go to the grocery store, I’m always on a mission to get in and get out.

IMG_9572 (2)

I know the picture isn’t very good but it says that  in the United States alone, 70+% of adults over the age of 29 are overweight or obese. That correlates to 220 million people in the US.

I can’t help but feel angry when I hear about miracle weight loss cures or skinny wraps or the get skinny quick diets. (I have tried many of those options by the way.) The one thing I LOVE about this company is that they aren’t selling a quick fix. It’s all about eating right and exercise. Those to me are the bottom line of health. It’s hard work but in the end it’s worth it. Sure those quick fixes might yield results but they won’t last. When you go from eating crap food and lounging on the couch to a skinny pill and then back to the same crap diet and the same activity, what do you expect? Sorry tough love Darci came out right there. I just get so upset because I see so many people suffering with diabetes, suffering with immobility, suffering with anxiety, suffering with depression and SO MANY other sicknesses, most of those things can be managed if not made better by eating healthy and exercise. It’s easy to take a pill to fix those things, but what’s the cost on your body? Did you know that your guts have good bacteria that aid digestion and taking one round of antibiotics can throw that whole ecosystem off? I know it’s hard but it’s got to be a lifestyle change.

Before I get a bunch of hate mail hear me out. I’m not body shaming, I’m not saying you shouldn’t love the skin you’re in. What I am trying to say is that HEALTH is important. For the record, skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Health to me is being able to play with my kids. Health is FEELING good, not having an upset stomach 24/7, not having to go to the hospital because you think you’re appendix is going to burst when you’re really just plugged up (yeah that happened to me.) Health is treating your body like a temple because that’s how it should be treated.

I’m not saying that you have to workout every day, I’m not saying you only get to eat lettuce. I’m saying get active, go for walks or hikes. Play tag with your kids. Dance it off. Start small and work your way up. Do something active that you enjoy and eat clean. Stay away from the processed stuff, and treat your self on occasion. Treats are meant to be just that, it’s not meant to be a daily part of our diet. PS when I say diet, I don’t mean starve yourself, I mean eating food because that is a diet.

What am I really getting at here? ACCOUNTABILITY! I know how hard it is to commit to exercising. How hard it is to eat healthy when everyone you’re surrounded by is stuffing down bacon cheeseburgers and french fries, and gooey cheese covered nachos. That’s why these groups are such a success. They are FREE to join, yes I said free, and you get to socialize with people who are working towards a goal of getting healthier themselves. You get to share you struggles, share your wins and we have nothing but support for you. This month I will be hosting multiple groups to help get you on track.

Beachbody is even willing to pay you to workout and drink your superfoods starting September 5th!(Beachbody Health Bet) I’m so stoked for that. If that isn’t good enough, they are also giving away $1000 a day to one lucky person that posts a minute long video of themselves with someone else/family doing Country Heat (now thru August 31st.) If there’s a program to get you started, I’m telling you Country Heat is a blast! I am excited to help more people get on track and feeling good about themselves, feeling good as themselves, you know what I mean?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you need help, sign up, join the bet! Get in touch with me on here or Facebook and I’ll get you added to whatever group will support you the best.

Remember: I love you. You are strong. You are beautiful. And YOU can do anything you set your mind to!




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