Insanity Max:30 FINISHER

Max30 transform

The End is Here.


  6-6-16     8-5-16

CC Max:           7:35          15:55

Waist:              28″          27.5″

Bust:                 33″           32.75″

Hips:                38″           38.2″

Left Thigh:        22″          21.25″

Right Thigh:     22″          21.5″

Left Bicep:       10″          10.75″

Right Bicep:     10″          10.75″

Weight:            139 lbs     137.6 lbs


My personal takeaways from this program:

Mentally I feel stronger and more capable. I started with a Max Out time of under 8 minutes and finished with just under 16 minutes on my last day of the Cardio Challenge. The first day I struggled to hit that time and the last day, I kept cheering myself on saying I could do it, I cheered every time I hit the next milestone until I could go no more. The saying “mind over matter” is true. In the first month one of the girls says, if I can’t do one more, I do three, and if you go into it with that mentality, chances are you’ll push yourself further than you expect. It’s crazy to think about how far I’ve come in just 60 days. I mean sure I had 22 Minute Hard Corps before this and really focused on getting my nutrition in control, which led to me making even better choices with Max:30 but all in all I feel like the ab portion of this program is on point. I don’t enjoy crunches or planks or sit ups but focusing on keeping my core tight really helped me with that area.

Physically, I am proud of how far my body has come. I didn’t have a huge weight loss or size loss but I did lose a little. I gained leaner muscles and gained more self confidence. Not just in my physical appearance but emotionally too. Just an overwhelming sense of I can do anything I put my mind to. It’s hard work but it’s worth it!

If there’s one thing I could tell everyone when they decide to try this program, it would be KEEP YOUR CORE TIGHT! The second would be nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I get it, I’m human too, there will be good days and bad days, bbq’s and birthdays, but the important thing is to focus the majority of the time on making progress. Have some cake but don’t eat the whole thing and don’t do it every day!

Want to push yourself further than you have before???

Click here to get your own Max:30 program and a month supply of an amazing superfood shake to get your journey started right!

Send me and email and let me know you got signed up and I’ll get you added to an accountability group to help you stay on track with meeting those goals. Sure you could do it alone but it’s way more fun when you’ve got a group of us cheering you on to rock it too!

And because it’s FLEX FRIDAY…



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