Mission: De-clutter & De-stress





I’ve learned that all of those things don’t coexist well together. My youngest son is 10 years old and he’s the ultimate example of clutter and disorganized chaos. Sad part is I’ve taught him that. I’ve taught him that we need all these clothes and all of these toys and all of this junk that he’s probably played with once since he’s owned it. After going through their room and purging toys and clothing I’ve decided to take a better look at our whole house. The clutter is everywhere. Look at our game closet for crying out loud!

I purged a bunch of games a few months ago. I figured since playing Dora the Explorer Candyland wasn’t cool anymore, we could probably eliminate that one. Yesterday I decided to purge again. There are games that I love that no one else wants to play (Pictionary, I have 3 versions of the game in hopes of getting someone to play with me but no,) and games that others love that I don’t want to play (Monopoly, was fun on Sega, not so much in real life.) So I pulled out even more games. The above picture is the start of reorganizing that closet.

My garage has become the catch all. Everything that I’m going to put in a yard sale, everything that is going to be used later, everything that I really don’t need goes there. I don’t even want to share a picture of that but yikes here goes! How embarrassing! Just in case you’re wondering the table full of things is actually yard sale prep, I’m working on it I promise.

I have multiple totes full of Christmas decoration, Halloween decorations and every other possible holiday that I don’t decorate for anymore because life is too busy to worry about those things. I have boxes of books that I plan to read some day. James has 3 bicycles, why because I haven’t gotten rid of the old ones.Two saddles and no horse, in my defense saddles are expensive and when you find one you like you should hang onto it, but two?Β  I have hundreds of CDs and DVDs and craft supplies and old t-shirts that are supposed to be a project someday. Why do I keep holding onto these THINGS? Why do I keep filling empty closets and shelves with STUFF that I haven’t used in over a year?

It’s TIME for a CHANGE!

One day at a time, one room at a time, one closet at a time I plan to eliminate the stuff in my life that makes my house feel messy and makes me feel stressed out because I need to clean all of that up.

The Rules

  • If you haven’t used it in OVER 6 months, get rid of it! Of course winter clothes and things of that sort are a give in, who wants to buy new winter gear every year (expensive!)
  • If you have more than one, get rid of it!
  • If it’s broken, get rid of it!
  • If it’s not yours, return it!
  • If you have saved it just in case you might, chances are if you haven’t used it, you can get rid of it!
  • Do you LOVE it or NEED it to make life easier? If not, get rid of it!

Lets get started!

Get 4 boxes ready to throw stuff in as you go through things, or if you’re like me 2 piles and 2 bags. A spot for the things to be put away, a box/bag to be given away or donated, a spot for the things to store and a bag for the stuff that is just garbage.

This round of purging everything that I decide I don’t need is going to be a yard sale item, then donated if it didn’t sell because it’s got to go!

Day 1: Storage Closets- Hallway Closets, the coat closet, the game closet and the towel and linen closets. Why do I need multiple sets of sheets for my bed? I have a washing machine, time to get rid of them. Do I need 15 hand towels? No. How about 5 spare pillows? We rarely have people sleep over, I think I can narrow that down to 2. How many jackets do I really need? Yes the pacific northwest has crazy weather but I think I can narrow it down to a rain coat and a light weight jacket, snow coat doesn’t count (thank you winter clothes.)

Day 2: Kitchen- Get rid of all the appliances you don’t use like the citrus juicer, the funny shaped waffle iron that is difficult to clean and has only been used once. I have 4 glass Pyrex dishes that are exactly the same, I’m getting rid of 2 of those. I have pans that are scratched up that I don’t use. I need to get rid of them so I can make room for new ones. Get rid of the canned for that is probably expired, while you’re at it look at the condiments in your fridge too!

Day 3: Bathrooms- I’ve decided to go minimal with my makeup these days, that’s my personal preference. Do I still need 6 shades of brown eye shadow, six shades of purple, etc? No. Get rid of the perfume your aunt gave you that you don’t use but feel guilty getting rid of it because it was a gift. I tend to collect lotions and then decide I don’t like them but they’re still there. Do you REALLY need it?

Day 4: Bedroom Closets/dressers- I love shoes and dresses. Why do I have so many that I haven’t worn since 2 years ago? I’m a pack rat, guilty as charged. I tell myself I’ll sell it and then it sits there, don’t be a me, get rid of it. Clean out the little knickknacks that you’re storing under your bed because they were your Grandma’s. What good are they if you aren’t using them? They are only things and your kids won’t appreciate them like you do anyway.

Day 5: Living Room- I loved movies, so much so that I bought and bought and bought and only watched one time, maybe two. If you can rent it or watch it on Netflix, it’s time to let it go. Do you have books on the shelf that you’ve read and are hanging on to them? Libraries were invented so you don’t have to buy and store books. Unless you’re using them for reference regularly let them go. Magazines? Let them go.

Day 6: Take a Break and forget about it for today! Everyone needs a break, I get it. I’ll be enjoying my family today because the goal of this challenge is to be able to spend more time with them and less time with my stuff.

Day 7: Outside stuff/garage- Get rid of broken tools, quit using the garage for storage when you could be using it for your car or home gym or workshop to build a fort with your kids. Remember the rules and stick to them here too.

Ready to start your own de-cluttering challenge?

Click the image below to join us August 29th-September 4th.

Clutter Challenge

Be on the look out for an UPDATE!

I’ll be sharing my house and garage transformation September 5th! πŸ™‚




Get skinny quick? There’s no such thing.

I apologize in advance, I get a little heated and emotional in this posting. I’m not meaning to call anyone out and say anything bad about anyone, just being frank. I truly want to help everyone and I sort of have a thing for tough love sometimes. It’s the Coach in me, what can I say. Thinking about people I care about who have passed away too young because they smoked or just didn’t take care of themselves hurts. I don’t wish that hurt on anyone…

Last week I had the pleasure of handing out books for my church at the fair. I got to talk to all different kinds of people all while spending time with my husband and son.

While I was there I noticed something that really upset me, it seemed like maybe 1 in 10 people weren’t overweight. Carl Daikeler had mentioned something about this when I was in Nashville last month and it didn’t really hit me until I was in public. Apparently I’m such a home body that I’m not very observant when I go to the grocery store, I’m always on a mission to get in and get out.

IMG_9572 (2)

I know the picture isn’t very good but it says that  in the United States alone, 70+% of adults over the age of 29 are overweight or obese. That correlates to 220 million people in the US.

I can’t help but feel angry when I hear about miracle weight loss cures or skinny wraps or the get skinny quick diets. (I have tried many of those options by the way.) The one thing I LOVE about this company is that they aren’t selling a quick fix. It’s all about eating right and exercise. Those to me are the bottom line of health. It’s hard work but in the end it’s worth it. Sure those quick fixes might yield results but they won’t last. When you go from eating crap food and lounging on the couch to a skinny pill and then back to the same crap diet and the same activity, what do you expect? Sorry tough love Darci came out right there. I just get so upset because I see so many people suffering with diabetes, suffering with immobility, suffering with anxiety, suffering with depression and SO MANY other sicknesses, most of those things can be managed if not made better by eating healthy and exercise. It’s easy to take a pill to fix those things, but what’s the cost on your body? Did you know that your guts have good bacteria that aid digestion and taking one round of antibiotics can throw that whole ecosystem off? I know it’s hard but it’s got to be a lifestyle change.

Before I get a bunch of hate mail hear me out. I’m not body shaming, I’m not saying you shouldn’t love the skin you’re in. What I am trying to say is that HEALTH is important. For the record, skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Health to me is being able to play with my kids. Health is FEELING good, not having an upset stomach 24/7, not having to go to the hospital because you think you’re appendix is going to burst when you’re really just plugged up (yeah that happened to me.) Health is treating your body like a temple because that’s how it should be treated.

I’m not saying that you have to workout every day, I’m not saying you only get to eat lettuce. I’m saying get active, go for walks or hikes. Play tag with your kids. Dance it off. Start small and work your way up. Do something active that you enjoy and eat clean. Stay away from the processed stuff, and treat your self on occasion. Treats are meant to be just that, it’s not meant to be a daily part of our diet. PS when I say diet, I don’t mean starve yourself, I mean eating food because that is a diet.

What am I really getting at here? ACCOUNTABILITY! I know how hard it is to commit to exercising. How hard it is to eat healthy when everyone you’re surrounded by is stuffing down bacon cheeseburgers and french fries, and gooey cheese covered nachos. That’s why these groups are such a success. They are FREE to join, yes I said free, and you get to socialize with people who are working towards a goal of getting healthier themselves. You get to share you struggles, share your wins and we have nothing but support for you. This month I will be hosting multiple groups to help get you on track.

Beachbody is even willing to pay you to workout and drink your superfoods starting September 5th!(Beachbody Health Bet) I’m so stoked for that. If that isn’t good enough, they are also giving away $1000 a day to one lucky person that posts a minute long video of themselves with someone else/family doing Country Heat (now thru August 31st.) If there’s a program to get you started, I’m telling you Country Heat is a blast! I am excited to help more people get on track and feeling good about themselves, feeling good as themselves, you know what I mean?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you need help, sign up, join the bet! Get in touch with me on here or Facebook and I’ll get you added to whatever group will support you the best.

Remember: I love you. You are strong. You are beautiful. And YOU can do anything you set your mind to!



Insanity Max:30 FINISHER

Max30 transform

The End is Here.


  6-6-16     8-5-16

CC Max:           7:35          15:55

Waist:              28″          27.5″

Bust:                 33″           32.75″

Hips:                38″           38.2″

Left Thigh:        22″          21.25″

Right Thigh:     22″          21.5″

Left Bicep:       10″          10.75″

Right Bicep:     10″          10.75″

Weight:            139 lbs     137.6 lbs


My personal takeaways from this program:

Mentally I feel stronger and more capable. I started with a Max Out time of under 8 minutes and finished with just under 16 minutes on my last day of the Cardio Challenge. The first day I struggled to hit that time and the last day, I kept cheering myself on saying I could do it, I cheered every time I hit the next milestone until I could go no more. The saying “mind over matter” is true. In the first month one of the girls says, if I can’t do one more, I do three, and if you go into it with that mentality, chances are you’ll push yourself further than you expect. It’s crazy to think about how far I’ve come in just 60 days. I mean sure I had 22 Minute Hard Corps before this and really focused on getting my nutrition in control, which led to me making even better choices with Max:30 but all in all I feel like the ab portion of this program is on point. I don’t enjoy crunches or planks or sit ups but focusing on keeping my core tight really helped me with that area.

Physically, I am proud of how far my body has come. I didn’t have a huge weight loss or size loss but I did lose a little. I gained leaner muscles and gained more self confidence. Not just in my physical appearance but emotionally too. Just an overwhelming sense of I can do anything I put my mind to. It’s hard work but it’s worth it!

If there’s one thing I could tell everyone when they decide to try this program, it would be KEEP YOUR CORE TIGHT! The second would be nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! I get it, I’m human too, there will be good days and bad days, bbq’s and birthdays, but the important thing is to focus the majority of the time on making progress. Have some cake but don’t eat the whole thing and don’t do it every day!

Want to push yourself further than you have before???

Click here to get your own Max:30 program and a month supply of an amazing superfood shake to get your journey started right!

Send me and email and let me know you got signed up and I’ll get you added to an accountability group to help you stay on track with meeting those goals. Sure you could do it alone but it’s way more fun when you’ve got a group of us cheering you on to rock it too!

And because it’s FLEX FRIDAY…


22 Minute Hard Corps: Week 1

Today is the day I fly home! I’m super excited to see my hubby, my kids, my pups, my turtle, and to sleep in my own bed! Getting my workout in was non negotiable because sitting on my bum for 6 hours on the plane today is going to kill my Fitbit step goal πŸ˜‰

Day 1:

Cardio 1 & P90X3 Yoga

I have to admit it was a little awkward doing my workout in front of everyone else working out in the hotel fitness center. It was great to be a sweaty beast and know that the results I am getting now are far better than the results I was getting running on the hamster wheel. I definitely missed Tony for the last 60 days ❀ I have to say that as much as I hate burpees, I love that they are numbered in this program. I think I push myself harder knowing that I have to hit 25 versus only having to do as many as I can in 45 seconds. Since I’ve become accustomed to the 30 minute workouts of Max:30 I decided to add some of Tony’s P90X3 yoga into the mix. Also waking up with a kink in my neck, it gave me some hope that maybe it would help that go away(it didn’t but it was worth a try.) I told myself I’d only do 10 minutes but I am so NOT flexible and it felt good to stretch. If you don’t use it you lose it and I’ve definitely lost a lot of the flexibility I had when I first completed P90X3.

Day 2:

Resistance 1 & Core 1

I was supposed to do Core 1 yesterday but since I got caught up in doing my yoga and was on the road without my calendar I decided to do it today. I decided to wear my weighted vest today too and boy howdy it’s intense. Resistance 1 had 5 moves, push ups, pull ups, squats with a thrust, lunges and sit ups with a punch(aka crunch punch, I think you should have named it that too Tony. πŸ˜‚) Of course there was a bonus round because you have to use all 22 minutes!

Day 3 & 4:

Cardio 1 & Resistance 1

So it’s Thursday and I’m doing yesterday and today’s workouts to get caught back up. I am pretty anal about staying with my schedule these days and not falling behind, yet I still skipped yesterday. I usually wake up earlier and get my workout in before we leave for anywhere but I over slept and I promised the boys we would get in the hot tub before bedtime. I know life is rough πŸ˜‚ But by the time we were done it was after 8 and I closed my eyes for a minute and was out. My body is still adjusting to being in Nashville for a week and not getting enough sleep. If I would have had to double a Max:30 workout I may have felt differently but 22 minutes times 2 isn’t that bad. Sure I was soaked and I didn’t have weights or a pull up bar but I got it done and I feel good about being right back on schedule. I was planning to get some yoga in yesterday but since I didn’t I think I’ll aim to do that tomorrow.

I could have said no to working out today since we were on “vacation.” I could have said, I don’t have a DVD player I can’t workout today but thanks to my handy dandy Beachbody OnDemand, that excuse wasn’t usable… PS I laid a towel on the ground so I didn’t have to lay on the floor of the hotel room during the ab work. (Yup, I’m a bit of a germophobe. Def won’t share my water bottle with you, and yes I know I’m weird. My husband tells me all the time.)

hotel ondemand

Day 5:

Cardio 2 & 10 minute run

Hello gorilla crawls! I did not miss those… BUTT my hind end and my legs need the work. I know that those are going to kick my bootay into shape! Sometimes I forget that cardio isn’t just running or cycling, it means you get your heart pumping and your lungs going too. With all of today’s moves they were definitely doing that.

Did I mention that I signed up for a Spartan Race??? Well this morning I did and I feel so good about it. That’s why I’ve decided to start incorporating running back into my routine. I know I’m a glutton for punishment. But I’m making sure to take training slow because I know that when I get excited, I tend to push myself into injury…


Day 6:

Rest Day πŸ™‚

Found this rock on our outdoor adventures today and it cracked me up so I had to share it with someone! πŸ˜‰


Day 7:

Resistance 1

Went to bed super early last night, I know I’m such an old lady going to bed early on a Saturday night. I needed the sleep though. Woke up to having a bible study with this hunk and a workout together! I’m super excited that he’s committing to killing 22MHC twice a week with me, crazy right? I think he’s been seeing(and enjoying) my results and is no longer a skeptic, my hard work is finally paying off. I couldn’t help but smile the entire workout, even the hard parts. I LOVE having a workout buddy, ask my kids, I bribe them every chance I get! Troy and I are both in agreeance on how we feel about push ups and pull ups, not our favorite moves. I have to give this guy props because he’s got degenerative disks in his back and has limited movement in his elbows from breaking both of them at once but he still powered through with minimal complaints, even if he doesn’t look super cheerful during our sweaty selfie ❀


If you’re interested in joining me for the next couple of months doing 22MHC click the link and I’ll get in touch with you!


Insanity Max:30 Day 52-56

Day 52:

My Coach Summit Vacation….

Last round of Max:30 I felt like I didn’t do the program justice because it was the holiday season and well, I like cookies. This time I of course take a vacation my final week. Good thinking right? Best part about this vacation is it’s with a bunch of other Coaches! So I had some accountability to get my workouts in and stay on track. I wasn’t perfect but I was mostly good.

This is how we do it!

Max Out Sweat err… Nevermind

Today was supposed to be Max Out Sweat, while I did sweat, I didn’t do Max:30 today. Instead I settled with working out with all my house mates. And boy did I sweat! We tried a new workout that was cardio and yoga. I think Jericho McMatthews is going to be one of my favorite new trainers. It felt so good to stretch after a spending the day at the airport yesterday. You ever sit for so long that your body is just stiff? I always tell myself that I don’t like yoga and then I do it and I feel so much better.


Day 53:

Max Out Strength

Today was epic! I worked out yesterday but it wasn’t Max:30. So that means I’m definitely not going to skip it today, even if I’m going to do the live workout with Tony Horton tonight. The whole crew got involved with the workout again today. I felt a little bad because a few of my house mates that were doing Max:30 were only on month one but they all did awesome though. Even the people who had never done Max:30, it really is for everyone. I’m so thankful for the modifier this month. Something about maxing out with a bunch of my favorite people made today’s workout so much more motivating. Hearing everyone laughing and struggling through it too made me feel like no matter how tough, it was possible to keep going. Today I maxed out at 13:10, good time but my knees and feet are bothering me a bit today. I only 38 seconds longer last week.

22 Minute Hard Corps

So thankful for Energize today. Tony is awesome at getting me sweaty in no time flat. Today was the first time I actually did his cold start before 22MHC. So we ended up getting our sweat on for almost 45 minutes. My fave fave fave, program. Is it Monday yet? I’m so ready to get started on this program! Special thank you to Judy Fish getting some pictures of us πŸ™‚ I think today has been my favorite day of all my vacation so far.



Day 54:

Friday Fight Round 2

Two weeks ago I maxed out at 9+ minutes, I’m not sure if I was having a good day or what. Last week I maxed out at 6:10 and I’m proud to say I made it past that today, barely… (#IMaxedOut @ 6:29) This trip has been so exhausting that I’m not sure if I’m just tired from all the happenings and the not so perfect eating schedule but I can definitely say I am glad I don’t have to do this workout again. Well, not for now at least. Only having a 30 minute workout was perfect for this morning because I will be in Coach training all day. Getting to listen to people teaching me more ways to grow myself mentally instead of just physically is perfect. Mindset and determination will get you places as long as you put in the work!



B: Oatmeal with chia seeds, steamed broccoli and watermelon.
Pre: Energize
Post: Vegan Chocolate Shake
Snack: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 banana
L: Salad with 1/2 avocado, veggie burger patty, more watermelon πŸ™‚
D: Salad with black beans, I even splurged and had some pineapple coconut juice… crazy right… πŸ˜‰

Day 55:



Last week I vowed to myself that if the weather was nice on Saturday’s I would make a point to get outside. I may be out of town but missing the scheduled seminar was WORTH IT! I saw deer and squirrels, frogs and a lizard too. Just getting out there in the quiet brought me back to me. It’s amazing how surrounding yourself with different components and different company can make you question who you are again, even when you think that you are confident with that. I visited a couple different places after church and while the nature was beautiful, I sure do miss home. The humidity and the buzzing bugs are a little different than the birds at home.


I loved this little bridge in the middle of the lake. My walk was a 2 mile loop but being in the center was my favorite part. You could see views from there that I would have missed had I not crossed it. I had originally intended to make the 4 mile loop but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m not sure I would have wanted to venture further because my feet were already tired and wanting to sit in my air conditioned car while I ate my lunch.



Today I had planned to be out and about all day so I planned all of my meals. I bought these awesome tupperware that hold my salad, dressing and a couple snacks, along with an ice pack to keep it all cold. So worth the $6 I spent on them.
B: Oatmeal with chia seeds, fresh pineapple and thin sliced toast with peanut butter.
L: Salad with broccoli, pineapple, green onions and pepitas.
S: Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 banana
D: Salad again with a spicy black bean burger patty, broccoli, pineapple and avocado.
I had a lot of fruit today but we found pineapple for 99 cents a piece so we bought quite a few of them. I’m not drinking and I’m keeping the indulgences very minimal for this vacation so I figured fruit was a perfectly acceptable treat. Plus the heat just makes you want cold sweet fruit anyway!

Day 56:

Cardio Challenge- AKA LAST DAY OF MAX:30

This girl is on FIRE!!!! I made the goal today of 12 minutes and made it to 15:55 minutes. Every minute after 12 I couldn’t help but holler 13 minutes, 14 minutes, 15 minutes, I felt proud! It super helps to have your mind in the right place. Just knowing that today was my last day made me want to kill it. My house mates didn’t get motivated to workout today but every time they walked by they cheered me on. I’m telling you, find your people, find the ones who are going to support you! If I remember correctly, last round of Max:30 I believe I cried after my workout, it was so emotional to finally complete it something I had started. Now I can say I’ve done it twice and I’ve completed multiple programs since the initial fire of finishing this. Getting started now is easier than waiting for tomorrow. Transformation pics to come!