Insanity Max:30 Day 50

Day 50:


I leave tomorrow for Nashville!! Eek! I’ve been planning for this trip for almost a year and the day has finally come ❤ I’ve decided to double up my workouts today because I know that tomorrow is going to be spent in the airport and then getting settled in at our house for the week. The struggle is going to be real! I’ll be in a house with a bunch of awesome girls but they all eat meat and I’m pretty sure they drink wine too. I have been alcohol free since November and I have no intention of being any other way but the temptation will be there. While I know being on the go is going to be tough for my meal plan and tough for squeezing in my workouts, I’m confident I will get them done. If I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up about it either. I’ve planned as best as I can and will be going to the grocery store as soon as I pick up my rental car so that I will be prepared for breakfast and lunch at least.

Max Out Cardio & Max Out Power

I’ve been seeing such great results with this months round and as much as I hate to say it I’m little bit sad that it’s coming to an end. It’s nice to see all the hard work paying off.

1st workout was tough but I made it through. I maxed out at 17:04 and beat my last time by two and a half minutes. Just in time for some last minute shopping with my travel buddy. I kicked last weeks max out time to the curb! Hoping to do the same with workout two. It’s feeling like summer outside and I may be soaking up some vitamin D while work on this and convince myself that I’m ready for my 2nd workout… Ps my quads are really sore today. I’m thinking that run yesterday did more than just mental goodness.

Workout 2, Power… Uh yeah, maybe lack of, who’s grand idea was it to do two workouts today again?!? I beat last weeks score but it wasn’t pretty. I maxed out at 14:33 today. Now hopefully I’m exhausted enough to get some sleep before my 2 a.m. wake up. So so so excited for tomorrow’s trip!


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