Insanity Max:30 Day 47

Day 47:

Be prepared, I’m just laying it all out here today. I can’t help but feel anxious right now. I head out on vacation in less than 4 days, with some super inspiring people. I will be way out of my comfort zone for a whole week! (I mean literally, my house is my place! I’m truly a homebody.)

I’ve got 8 days of Max:30 left and all I can think about is how am I going to eat right? How am I going to fit my workouts in? How am I going to do this program justice?

I know that my muscle won’t disappear after a week but I do know that a week of bad eating can give me serious bloated gut and I don’t want that. I want to keep progressing with my fitness ability but at the same time I want to have fun while I’m gone. I also want to show you that being healthy shouldn’t only be when it’s convenient, sometimes you have to push through the hard times of work schedules, vacations and being a mom. I don’t workout all day every day and my nutrition isn’t strictly veggies, I enjoy eating lol, but I’ve got serious goals ya know?!? I know that me doing this program justice will show you that it really works and that all the hard work does pay off. I hope it helps you decide that your fitness journey is worth it too. I think this is all on my mind because the weekend is here and that’s when it’s easiest to slip up and eat out and skip my workout because our day is busy. So here I am putting it out there that I am going to do my best and that is all I can do. I’m going to stop worrying about the things I can’t control and I’m going to enjoy next week because I’ve worked hard to get there. ❤

Friday Fight Round 2

I’m feeling a little wishy washy with my emotions today. Started the day pumped because I was saw my calf muscle starting to show definition, then I pushed play. Today’s workout sucked! I didn’t want to, I couldn’t focus, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m so glad tomorrow is a rest and recharge day because I think my brain needs some time off. I’m completely unplugging. My phone will be left at home, anyone who knows me knows that’s a big deal lol. Seriously though, today’s workout I maxed out at 6:10, last week I maxed out at 9:08 and now that I think about it, I’m a little hungry. It’s almost 3 and I haven’t eaten lunch or had a snack. That could have been contributing to my lack of energy and motivation to get it done. When Shaun T said it was time for the last move, I decided to push myself as hard as I could for that last minute and wow, I was dying! Who knew punching and high knees would put me over the top. I don’t want to share the rest of the video because seriously, I just couldn’t muster up the go power do do everything. BUT you know what, I pushed play. That’s the hardest part…


It’s all been healthy but I haven’t eaten nearly enough.

B: Toast with almond butter and homemade apple chips

Pre-workout: Energize

Post-workout: Vegan protein shake

Snack: handful of almonds and a granola bar

Dinner: Salad with quinoa and pepitas (love leftovers, thank you simple) and a little bit of vegan mac and cheese

Dessert: Vegan strawberry Shakeology with 1/2 banana


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