Insanity Max:30 Day 46

Day 46:

Max Out Strength

Today was tough for my legs, and my arms, and my abs… Today was just tough. I wanted to Max Out at 8 minutes because of all the squat lunge pulse stuff but I kept pushing myself. I was looking at my video footage and I’ve gotten better at keeping my chest up while lunging but I noticed on the squats that are involved in that sequence I’m not getting as low as I know I can so I’ll be maxing out earlier next week. I hit 12:32 today but after seeing this video I know I’ll be pushing for deeper squats now. Perfecting form is hard! Especially when you’ve got to be the one to make sure you’re doing it right.


I’ve been using my Vegan Protein powder for about a month now I believe, and I really do like it. It isn’t making me bloated like the whey protein shakes tend to. Ever heard of protein shake farts? Yeah, no bueno!  Any who, this vegan shake hasn’t upset my stomach one bit and I feel like having it added to my meal plan has been a plus for my muscle growth and repair.

I’ve been using rotating my pre-workout supplement between Energize and E&E for the last month also. I’ve decided after Max:30 I’m only going to use it if I’m going to have a long busy day after my workout or I have a workout longer than an hour. I’m trying to lay off the caffeine in my life and feel as though I might be a little dependent on my pre-workout. I don’t like feeling like I need something to compete, know what I mean?

Breakfast: Slice of seeded toast with almond butter and a banana

Pre-workout: Energize

Post workout: Vegan Protein shake

Lunch: Bomb salad with some quinoa and pepitas (natural protein for the win!)

Snack: Shakeology with half a banana

Dinner: Fajitas with beans and rice, and chips and salsa. Not too proud of this choice but it is what it is. I didn’t do any tortillas because I had chips and rice. That’s way too many carbs and I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow.

How I feel about today?

I feel like today could have been better. I feel like I should have worked harder on my form and had a better dinner. Tomorrow will be better.


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