Insanity Max:30 Day 45

Day 45:

Max Out Sweat

Today was canning day, yay!!! Started with strawberry jam and finished with blackberry jam. If you follow me you know that I’m a sugar addict… I have been very diligent about cutting sweets out of my diet every where I can. Fruit is my treat right now, especially watermelon. ❤ ❤   Any who, something about making your own foods is SO COOL! I hadn’t made jam for a couple years and since we were able to pick a bunch of berries I decided to go for it. UM, HELLO SUGAR! I had completely forgotten that the sugar required for jam is more than the berries you put into it. Needless to say after my jamming experience, my kids will be VERY limited on pb&js. Ridiculous. I mean literally, 5 cups of strawberries to 7 cups of sugar. Makes me sick just thinking about it! After boiling the jam over on the stove multiple times and cleaning it up and then finishing processing it all, it was time to sweat.

And sweat I did! Been feeling a little off with working out lately, partially because I keep having evening workouts, I’m going to quit that tomorrow. I had a head ache most of the day and I think it was because I usually chug water all day. I was so busy with all the other activities that I think I finally finished my second bottle of water around 3 😦 So I chugged down my Energize and pushed play. Since sweat is mostly cardio based I decided to wear my weight vest again. I was honestly expecting to max out earlier because I haven’t worn it for a couple weeks. I actually pushed through and went from 9:42 last week to 12:54! Say what?!? Yeah, I’m feeling really proud about that. I even did more of the full out moves than modifying!

Today’s moral of the story: Believe in yourself, only you can make you do what you want and sometimes the hard stuff is the best stuff!

I started out with the plyo hook lunge in the modified move and decided I was feeling froggy enough to do it full out. Hollah!




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