Insanity Max:30 Day 43 & 44

Day 43:

Max Out Cardio

Today was eventful from the very start. Normal morning stuff but I picked up a shift at the restaurant today. I’ve only got a week until I go to Nashville so extra vacation money never hurts! Of course that means when I go to the store I also end up buying a new tote because I want to look fashionable instead of using a functional backpack… That’s the exact reason I don’t carry cash anymore. I’m proud of myself though because I packed my Shakeology as a snack and also brought a lunch. I tend to get busy and forget to eat when I’m at work or I snack on french fries… Towards the end of the day, even though I wasn’t really hungry I made myself eat my lunch. That being said, after work I procrastinated getting home because I was “looking” and ended up having an even later workout in the evening.

Finally got my workout in at 7 and had to  Our Pastor was coming at 7:30 for a bible study and I got done just as he knocked on the door. I’m so grateful that we are friends with our pastor, I mean he was actually playing racquetball with my husband an hour before he got to our house, so I don’t feel too guilty for being drenched. I of course changed out of my soaked clothes super quick so we could get back to business 😉

I maxed out at 14:25 and I feel pretty good about that. I actually got a little emotional a few times during this workout. I think just knowing how much I’m progressing and knowing that it is coming to an end soon is a little overwhelming. One of the moves called 10 & 2 requires you jumping from the 10 to 2 position on a clock, in a jump spin motion. With my knee being sore I decided to do the modified version which is a stepping movement instead of a jump. It was still hard but I got so emotional knowing that I was okay with not being the hardcore person I think everyone envisions me as. Sure I push myself but I have limits too. Just pushing play and getting it done today was enough.

One good think about morning workouts, I have a little more privacy 😉 The old me would have told him to scram but fitness is a good thing. If me pushing myself makes him or you push yourself, it’s worth it!

Day 44:

Max Out Power & CIZE Full Out

Note to self: When you ask your daughter to work out and she says yes, don’t give her options…

I am determined to finish out Max:30 with #noexcuses so I had to do Max Out Power today. I maxed out at 13:37 which is just under 30 seconds better than last time. No sweat off my back, but then had to CIZE afterwards because that’s what Paige wanted to do. My arms and legs were SO tired from the first workout but we got it done and it was a lot of fun. I told her I was going to video it and she said no, so you don’t get to see our killer moves today…

So glad that I had the energy to do both workouts. Exercising really does give you more energy. Plus got it done early enough in the day so I still had time to run errands, def needed a shower 😉


This is my, I didn’t shower after last nights workout and now I’ve done two more today look! ha ha


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