Insanity Max:30 Day 42

Day 42:


Month 2 has been hard but the time has flown! I can’t believe there are only two weeks left. I tend to sabotage myself and I’m going to try my darnedest this time to kill that habit. My last week of Max:30 I will be on vacation, and while I know it is going to be a struggle, I’m already planning out food. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this program because I feel like I failed it last round and the workouts are tough. I am already seeing results and I want them to keep on coming. One thing I have going for me this round is I quit alcohol and I know that was a BIG hindrance last time. It’s the little things that add up to big changes!

I haven’t been counting a Max Out time for Pulse. I’m focusing on my form for this workout. I’ve been seeing bad form in a lot of my videos and I’ve realized I need to be dropping as low as I can in anything squat related. FORM IS EVERYTHING! Bad form can result in injury, improper muscle growth(which can result in injury) and bad form can also hinder range of motion. (Notice the correction on the plié squat pulses after I checked my video.) I have to say that pulsing is still not my favorite method of exercise but this time I feel like I did better. I still struggle with the hip stretch on the left, I feel like I don’t do it right because I don’t feel it very intensely, other than the fact that my legs were on fire from holding the squat.




I had a bit of pasta yesterday and I still woke up with what appear to be abs! Say what?!? I was super stoked to throw on my workout clothes and document because when the good stuff happens you want to remember it. Eating healthy 95% or more has really helped me see the changes I’ve been aiming for.



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