Insanity Max:30 Day 40 & 41

Day 40:

Friday Fight Round 2

I woke up with some serious fight today! Like seriously, how on earth is it that last week I maxed out at 6:44 and today I hit 9:08??? Don’t get me wrong, after maxing out today I was pretty much out of go power. I feel like I rested a lot but my Fitbit says I burned 260 calories during that 30 minutes of fighting and rest breaks 🙂

I have to give a shout out to my nutrition because what else have I changed? My max out times have all made bigger leaps this week and it has to be because my WHOLE body feels good, inside and out ❤

My hair came undone during the warm up and talk about distraction! I had a hard time focusing when my hair was flailing around in my eyeballs! Shaun T is a good motivator though and I was able to push through!

Day 41:


LAZY, lazy day! But I started out with a strong breakfast. Fruits and veggies with toast and almond butter. PS watermelon, raspberries and banana best fruit salad ever ❤



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