Insanity Max:30 Day 38 & 39

Day 38:

Max Out Sweat

SOAKED! But I can’t be mad because I pushed past last weeks time by 1 minute and 42 seconds! I maxed out at 9:42 and I’m proud of myself. Just when I’m ready to give up I surprise myself and do better than I expected. Moral of the story, never give up on yourself, you are stronger than you think!

I’m realizing what I love about this program is that it’s all functional movement. I’m increasing range of motion and my strength is increasing also. I’m not a skier but one of the moves called the slalom jump is perfect for skiers, target’s areas that you’d use going down the slope. It works a little differently for me but increasing my squatting ability is always a good thing, especially since I have a lame knee. It’s important to have good form and the ability to manage your own body weight in a squat before you try to squat with weights.

Day 39:

Max Out Strength


I can’t believe I only have 16 days left of this program! I feel like I’ve grown so much and pushed myself to limits I didn’t think I could hit. Max:30 is all about mental and physical gains, you have to push your mind to finish that extra rep or extra second.

I may have had a little extra pep today. Everyone has their own lucky shirt right? Something about wearing my Spartan shirt makes me feel like I have to be extra hardcore. I always seem to do better. I made it an extra 3 minutes and 42 seconds! If I could have just held on for 3 more seconds I would have made it to the next rest but my arms were done. Body weight strength training is tough but I’m so glad I am making progress. #IMaxedOut @ 11:42

I’m realizing that my form is terrible with lunges. I need to work on focusing on positioning my body straight up and down over my hips. I tend to lean forward and I believe it is because of my knee. I’ve developed a bad habit so here’s to better form tomorrow! So if you see me doing it call me out!

Thankful for videos, now I just need to get a mirror so I can actually see my form while I’m doing it.


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