Insanity Max:30 Day 35

Day 35:


Sunday is a hard day to get my workout in. We go places, we eat, we just do stuff! We usually sleep in and snuggle a little longer and that means I end up waiting till later in the evening to get Pulse done and then I end up whining for 20 minutes until I finally do it… But not today! A slice of toast with a bit of almond butter and a bit of canary melon for some go power because I’ve been waking up hungry and it was go time! I was up and sweaty by 7:30 today and felt good knowing I started the day on the right foot.

I struggled with all the pulse movements today. My whole body is still sore. My legs were especially tight stretching, I’m assuming because of my hike. #worthit


Usually we eat out on Sunday. Last time it was Indian food, which by the way I am obsessed with, I think it might be my new favorite. #sorrytacos We ended up going to a vegan burger place and all I could think about was a salad. As it turns out, the vegan place, had salads too! 😉  I had a super yummy Kale salad. Proud of another day on point. 👉


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