Insanity Max:30 Day 33 & 34

Day 33:

Friday Fight Round 2

I’ve been modifying because my feet and my knee have been bothering me a bit so I’m trying to take it easy on the jumping. I maxed out at 6:22 and wow!


My food game has been on point! My accountability group is sharing their food log at the end of the day to help us stay focused at being good. It’s easier for me to take pictures than it is to list it all out. I really need to eat a lot of food, good food that is 🙂 We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and I resisted having ice cream, chocolate muffins and some lemony delicious looking thing. I opted for honey dew and grapes. Focus on the end goal!


Day 34:

Rest Day

Today was amazing! I am not a sit at home and do nothing type. I workout to be able to be an adventurer. That’s what I did today. I rested from the squats, push ups and planks and hit the dirt trail. Took my pups and had an adventure recharging in God’s beautiful outdoors. Someone mentioned the other day that just getting outside in the woods around running water, the ions are different and actually make us feel at peace. I’ll take it!


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