Insanity Max:30 Day 31 & 32

Workouts 31 & 32:

Two Days Worth of Workouts Today

You may have noticed that I usually space my days out so that you get a break down of each exercise. BUT I have a confession… I skipped my workout yesterday. Since I’m in an accountability group with some other rad chicks doing Max:30 also, I need to stay on schedule with them. That means today I workout twice! Yes, it’s insanity at it’s finest 😉 It’s not a good excuse but I worked yesterday and then we went to our neighbors for dinner. I totally had time to workout but I procrastinated and got nothing done instead. So today I suffer for my laziness.

Max Out Sweat

I have decided not to wear my vest for a bit because my feet have started bothering me again. It may be time to buy new shoes… again… I know, how weird for a girl not to like buying shoes but I’m a bargain shopper. Spending $100+ on shoes makes me batty. Along with my feet my knee has been sore too, I’m listening to my body and taking it easy. Which also means I need to be modifying more of the jumping movements.

I was so hungry I decided I needed to take a little break before pushing play again. Vegan chocolate protein shake with a Fuji apple.

Max Out Strength

Dude, I modified almost everything this round and I maxed out at 8 minutes again. Shaun had my triceps screaming! It felt good to have my arms shaking from exhaustion, it’s been a while since I’ve had that happen. I used to do a boot camp class at the gym and my arms were always shaky afterwards. I had a hard time putting my mascara on it was so bad. Seriously though, I foresee some muscle gain this next month. Tomorrow is Friday Fight Round 2 and after today I’m a little nervous. I’ve committed to getting some yoga in twice a week and I haven’t done it once so tomorrow I’ll be doing that too. I need to work on my flexibility again.


Is it bedtime yet???


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