Insanity Max:30 Day 26

Day 26:

Friday Fight Round 1

Friday is house cleaning day and usually I keep up during the week so it’s not a lot to do. The weather has been nice enough and I’ve been outside as much as I can instead of sitting in the house. After all that work was said and done it was time to push play and to be honest I wasn’t feeling it. I cheered myself on the whole time though and maxed out at 11:20, last week was 10:28, I’ll take that progress! Best part about finishing today’s workout, it’s the last time I have to do Friday Fight Round 1, worst part, next Friday is round two. {{Help me!}}

I wore my weighted vest until I maxed out and then I was sweating so bad and exhausted I decided to take it off.

My silly pup was unsure of the v-sit stomach pounding I gave myself for the last minute. I love that little pooch to pieces!


The neighbor brought us some cookies as a thank you for helping them out a couple weeks ago. I confess I ate a few, thankfully they are small cookies and not huge ones. I’m going to focus on eating lots of veggies for dinner and having my Shakeology as my dessert tonight instead of as a snack. Ya win some and ya lose some. Those cookies may have been my downfall for workout motivation today….


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