Insanity Max:30 Day 50

Day 50:


I leave tomorrow for Nashville!! Eek! I’ve been planning for this trip for almost a year and the day has finally come ❤ I’ve decided to double up my workouts today because I know that tomorrow is going to be spent in the airport and then getting settled in at our house for the week. The struggle is going to be real! I’ll be in a house with a bunch of awesome girls but they all eat meat and I’m pretty sure they drink wine too. I have been alcohol free since November and I have no intention of being any other way but the temptation will be there. While I know being on the go is going to be tough for my meal plan and tough for squeezing in my workouts, I’m confident I will get them done. If I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up about it either. I’ve planned as best as I can and will be going to the grocery store as soon as I pick up my rental car so that I will be prepared for breakfast and lunch at least.

Max Out Cardio & Max Out Power

I’ve been seeing such great results with this months round and as much as I hate to say it I’m little bit sad that it’s coming to an end. It’s nice to see all the hard work paying off.

1st workout was tough but I made it through. I maxed out at 17:04 and beat my last time by two and a half minutes. Just in time for some last minute shopping with my travel buddy. I kicked last weeks max out time to the curb! Hoping to do the same with workout two. It’s feeling like summer outside and I may be soaking up some vitamin D while work on this and convince myself that I’m ready for my 2nd workout… Ps my quads are really sore today. I’m thinking that run yesterday did more than just mental goodness.

Workout 2, Power… Uh yeah, maybe lack of, who’s grand idea was it to do two workouts today again?!? I beat last weeks score but it wasn’t pretty. I maxed out at 14:33 today. Now hopefully I’m exhausted enough to get some sleep before my 2 a.m. wake up. So so so excited for tomorrow’s trip!


Insanity Max:30 Day 49

Day 49:

It’s hot out today, has been all day! I’ve got less than 2 days till I head out to Nashville so today has been all about getting prepared for that and spending some time with my most favorite guy in the world. Once the weather started to cool down, a little, I decided to go on the run I’d been thinking about all day. I used to go run 3 times a week and because I have so many problems with my feet I’ve quit. After yesterdays hike though I was on an I can do anything kick I guess and decided to hit the pavement. Something about getting sweaty, listening to some tunes or motivational podcasts and going until you can’t go anymore is so satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love running all the time but it’s a great way for me to relieve stress. Not the fastest pace ever but you can only do what your body lets you and my shins were yelling at me for the first mile and a half.



After snacking on some blackberries and putting the chickens and ducks away for the night I laid in the air conditioned living room debating on whether I wanted to do pulse. I’m glad I did. As hard as it is for me to do slow controlled movements, I know they are good for me. It’s definitely one of my weaknesses. During the core portion of today, I couldn’t help but think, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


I just realized this is my last time doing pulse! Next Sunday is going to be my Cardio Challenge and it is going to tell me how I progressed over the last two months. Crazy how fast the time has gone! Can’t say that I’ve loved it but I have enjoyed the results ❤

If you’re looking for a little accountability for next month there is still time to sign up and join the group. We are always working towards results, message me below for more info!

Insanity Max:30 Day 48

Day 48:

Rest Day

MUCH needed! My phone is usually glued to my hand, unless I drop it… Today I decided to leave it at home and only bring my camera. I FEEL so much better after being away from it for the day, recharged really. I think this will be a Saturday ritual for me. And as long as the weather is nice I’m making a goal of getting out in nature too.

Today was an active recovery day for me. I decided to go for it and hike a trail that I’ve been wanting to hit up for a LONG time, almost a year actually. It’s called the Rock of Ages. It was steep and a little bit hairy on a few spots, definitely not maintained trail but the view at the top was worth it.


My husband was supposed to go hike with me but he came down with a migraine so I decided to be brave and hike it alone. The last time I tried to go on this hike I ended up taking the wrong trail and hiked 16 miles. The loop is around 10 miles but today I just hiked to the rock and headed back down since my wonderfully understanding husband was waiting for me at the bottom. After the last try, I made sure to research and research some more because I didn’t want to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, ha ha, get it? I didn’t go out here today to get a workout, I went out here to unwind from all the busy of the week, to be with all of God’s beautiful things and just breathe. Plus I needed to break past the fear of being alone in the woods again. I met a couple of really nice people along the way, adventurers are some of the most friendly and out going people I’ve ever met. Most importantly, I remembered why I belong out there again.

rock collage

Hiking Tips?

I am by no means a professional hiker but I sure would love to try doing the John Muir Trail ❤ A few things I recommend for anyone that wants to try hiking, stick to the frequently traveled paths if you are going alone. Some things I bring on every hiking trip:

  • water
  • whistle
  • flashlight
  • small first aid kit
  • pocket knife (preferably a multi-tool one)
  • sweater or lightweight coat depending of the forecast
  • food, protein bars
  •  lighter
  • map/gps (maybe extra batteries)

I love my Osprey Pack because I can fit all of that in it, along with 1.5 liters of water. When you decide to break away from the highly traveled paths, make sure that you are paying attention to all of the forks in the road, if you end up getting lost you will be able to track backwards.

Last note, ALWAYS, ALWAYS tell someone where you are going for the day. Give them your route planned so if you fall and break your leg someone will know where to look for you if you end up missing ❤


Insanity Max:30 Day 47

Day 47:

Be prepared, I’m just laying it all out here today. I can’t help but feel anxious right now. I head out on vacation in less than 4 days, with some super inspiring people. I will be way out of my comfort zone for a whole week! (I mean literally, my house is my place! I’m truly a homebody.)

I’ve got 8 days of Max:30 left and all I can think about is how am I going to eat right? How am I going to fit my workouts in? How am I going to do this program justice?

I know that my muscle won’t disappear after a week but I do know that a week of bad eating can give me serious bloated gut and I don’t want that. I want to keep progressing with my fitness ability but at the same time I want to have fun while I’m gone. I also want to show you that being healthy shouldn’t only be when it’s convenient, sometimes you have to push through the hard times of work schedules, vacations and being a mom. I don’t workout all day every day and my nutrition isn’t strictly veggies, I enjoy eating lol, but I’ve got serious goals ya know?!? I know that me doing this program justice will show you that it really works and that all the hard work does pay off. I hope it helps you decide that your fitness journey is worth it too. I think this is all on my mind because the weekend is here and that’s when it’s easiest to slip up and eat out and skip my workout because our day is busy. So here I am putting it out there that I am going to do my best and that is all I can do. I’m going to stop worrying about the things I can’t control and I’m going to enjoy next week because I’ve worked hard to get there. ❤

Friday Fight Round 2

I’m feeling a little wishy washy with my emotions today. Started the day pumped because I was saw my calf muscle starting to show definition, then I pushed play. Today’s workout sucked! I didn’t want to, I couldn’t focus, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m so glad tomorrow is a rest and recharge day because I think my brain needs some time off. I’m completely unplugging. My phone will be left at home, anyone who knows me knows that’s a big deal lol. Seriously though, today’s workout I maxed out at 6:10, last week I maxed out at 9:08 and now that I think about it, I’m a little hungry. It’s almost 3 and I haven’t eaten lunch or had a snack. That could have been contributing to my lack of energy and motivation to get it done. When Shaun T said it was time for the last move, I decided to push myself as hard as I could for that last minute and wow, I was dying! Who knew punching and high knees would put me over the top. I don’t want to share the rest of the video because seriously, I just couldn’t muster up the go power do do everything. BUT you know what, I pushed play. That’s the hardest part…


It’s all been healthy but I haven’t eaten nearly enough.

B: Toast with almond butter and homemade apple chips

Pre-workout: Energize

Post-workout: Vegan protein shake

Snack: handful of almonds and a granola bar

Dinner: Salad with quinoa and pepitas (love leftovers, thank you simple) and a little bit of vegan mac and cheese

Dessert: Vegan strawberry Shakeology with 1/2 banana

Insanity Max:30 Day 46

Day 46:

Max Out Strength

Today was tough for my legs, and my arms, and my abs… Today was just tough. I wanted to Max Out at 8 minutes because of all the squat lunge pulse stuff but I kept pushing myself. I was looking at my video footage and I’ve gotten better at keeping my chest up while lunging but I noticed on the squats that are involved in that sequence I’m not getting as low as I know I can so I’ll be maxing out earlier next week. I hit 12:32 today but after seeing this video I know I’ll be pushing for deeper squats now. Perfecting form is hard! Especially when you’ve got to be the one to make sure you’re doing it right.


I’ve been using my Vegan Protein powder for about a month now I believe, and I really do like it. It isn’t making me bloated like the whey protein shakes tend to. Ever heard of protein shake farts? Yeah, no bueno!  Any who, this vegan shake hasn’t upset my stomach one bit and I feel like having it added to my meal plan has been a plus for my muscle growth and repair.

I’ve been using rotating my pre-workout supplement between Energize and E&E for the last month also. I’ve decided after Max:30 I’m only going to use it if I’m going to have a long busy day after my workout or I have a workout longer than an hour. I’m trying to lay off the caffeine in my life and feel as though I might be a little dependent on my pre-workout. I don’t like feeling like I need something to compete, know what I mean?

Breakfast: Slice of seeded toast with almond butter and a banana

Pre-workout: Energize

Post workout: Vegan Protein shake

Lunch: Bomb salad with some quinoa and pepitas (natural protein for the win!)

Snack: Shakeology with half a banana

Dinner: Fajitas with beans and rice, and chips and salsa. Not too proud of this choice but it is what it is. I didn’t do any tortillas because I had chips and rice. That’s way too many carbs and I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow.

How I feel about today?

I feel like today could have been better. I feel like I should have worked harder on my form and had a better dinner. Tomorrow will be better.

Insanity Max:30 Day 45

Day 45:

Max Out Sweat

Today was canning day, yay!!! Started with strawberry jam and finished with blackberry jam. If you follow me you know that I’m a sugar addict… I have been very diligent about cutting sweets out of my diet every where I can. Fruit is my treat right now, especially watermelon. ❤ ❤   Any who, something about making your own foods is SO COOL! I hadn’t made jam for a couple years and since we were able to pick a bunch of berries I decided to go for it. UM, HELLO SUGAR! I had completely forgotten that the sugar required for jam is more than the berries you put into it. Needless to say after my jamming experience, my kids will be VERY limited on pb&js. Ridiculous. I mean literally, 5 cups of strawberries to 7 cups of sugar. Makes me sick just thinking about it! After boiling the jam over on the stove multiple times and cleaning it up and then finishing processing it all, it was time to sweat.

And sweat I did! Been feeling a little off with working out lately, partially because I keep having evening workouts, I’m going to quit that tomorrow. I had a head ache most of the day and I think it was because I usually chug water all day. I was so busy with all the other activities that I think I finally finished my second bottle of water around 3 😦 So I chugged down my Energize and pushed play. Since sweat is mostly cardio based I decided to wear my weight vest again. I was honestly expecting to max out earlier because I haven’t worn it for a couple weeks. I actually pushed through and went from 9:42 last week to 12:54! Say what?!? Yeah, I’m feeling really proud about that. I even did more of the full out moves than modifying!

Today’s moral of the story: Believe in yourself, only you can make you do what you want and sometimes the hard stuff is the best stuff!

I started out with the plyo hook lunge in the modified move and decided I was feeling froggy enough to do it full out. Hollah!



Insanity Max:30 Day 43 & 44

Day 43:

Max Out Cardio

Today was eventful from the very start. Normal morning stuff but I picked up a shift at the restaurant today. I’ve only got a week until I go to Nashville so extra vacation money never hurts! Of course that means when I go to the store I also end up buying a new tote because I want to look fashionable instead of using a functional backpack… That’s the exact reason I don’t carry cash anymore. I’m proud of myself though because I packed my Shakeology as a snack and also brought a lunch. I tend to get busy and forget to eat when I’m at work or I snack on french fries… Towards the end of the day, even though I wasn’t really hungry I made myself eat my lunch. That being said, after work I procrastinated getting home because I was “looking” and ended up having an even later workout in the evening.

Finally got my workout in at 7 and had to  Our Pastor was coming at 7:30 for a bible study and I got done just as he knocked on the door. I’m so grateful that we are friends with our pastor, I mean he was actually playing racquetball with my husband an hour before he got to our house, so I don’t feel too guilty for being drenched. I of course changed out of my soaked clothes super quick so we could get back to business 😉

I maxed out at 14:25 and I feel pretty good about that. I actually got a little emotional a few times during this workout. I think just knowing how much I’m progressing and knowing that it is coming to an end soon is a little overwhelming. One of the moves called 10 & 2 requires you jumping from the 10 to 2 position on a clock, in a jump spin motion. With my knee being sore I decided to do the modified version which is a stepping movement instead of a jump. It was still hard but I got so emotional knowing that I was okay with not being the hardcore person I think everyone envisions me as. Sure I push myself but I have limits too. Just pushing play and getting it done today was enough.

One good think about morning workouts, I have a little more privacy 😉 The old me would have told him to scram but fitness is a good thing. If me pushing myself makes him or you push yourself, it’s worth it!

Day 44:

Max Out Power & CIZE Full Out

Note to self: When you ask your daughter to work out and she says yes, don’t give her options…

I am determined to finish out Max:30 with #noexcuses so I had to do Max Out Power today. I maxed out at 13:37 which is just under 30 seconds better than last time. No sweat off my back, but then had to CIZE afterwards because that’s what Paige wanted to do. My arms and legs were SO tired from the first workout but we got it done and it was a lot of fun. I told her I was going to video it and she said no, so you don’t get to see our killer moves today…

So glad that I had the energy to do both workouts. Exercising really does give you more energy. Plus got it done early enough in the day so I still had time to run errands, def needed a shower 😉


This is my, I didn’t shower after last nights workout and now I’ve done two more today look! ha ha

Insanity Max:30 Day 42

Day 42:


Month 2 has been hard but the time has flown! I can’t believe there are only two weeks left. I tend to sabotage myself and I’m going to try my darnedest this time to kill that habit. My last week of Max:30 I will be on vacation, and while I know it is going to be a struggle, I’m already planning out food. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this program because I feel like I failed it last round and the workouts are tough. I am already seeing results and I want them to keep on coming. One thing I have going for me this round is I quit alcohol and I know that was a BIG hindrance last time. It’s the little things that add up to big changes!

I haven’t been counting a Max Out time for Pulse. I’m focusing on my form for this workout. I’ve been seeing bad form in a lot of my videos and I’ve realized I need to be dropping as low as I can in anything squat related. FORM IS EVERYTHING! Bad form can result in injury, improper muscle growth(which can result in injury) and bad form can also hinder range of motion. (Notice the correction on the plié squat pulses after I checked my video.) I have to say that pulsing is still not my favorite method of exercise but this time I feel like I did better. I still struggle with the hip stretch on the left, I feel like I don’t do it right because I don’t feel it very intensely, other than the fact that my legs were on fire from holding the squat.




I had a bit of pasta yesterday and I still woke up with what appear to be abs! Say what?!? I was super stoked to throw on my workout clothes and document because when the good stuff happens you want to remember it. Eating healthy 95% or more has really helped me see the changes I’ve been aiming for.


Insanity Max:30 Day 40 & 41

Day 40:

Friday Fight Round 2

I woke up with some serious fight today! Like seriously, how on earth is it that last week I maxed out at 6:44 and today I hit 9:08??? Don’t get me wrong, after maxing out today I was pretty much out of go power. I feel like I rested a lot but my Fitbit says I burned 260 calories during that 30 minutes of fighting and rest breaks 🙂

I have to give a shout out to my nutrition because what else have I changed? My max out times have all made bigger leaps this week and it has to be because my WHOLE body feels good, inside and out ❤

My hair came undone during the warm up and talk about distraction! I had a hard time focusing when my hair was flailing around in my eyeballs! Shaun T is a good motivator though and I was able to push through!

Day 41:


LAZY, lazy day! But I started out with a strong breakfast. Fruits and veggies with toast and almond butter. PS watermelon, raspberries and banana best fruit salad ever ❤


Insanity Max:30 Day 38 & 39

Day 38:

Max Out Sweat

SOAKED! But I can’t be mad because I pushed past last weeks time by 1 minute and 42 seconds! I maxed out at 9:42 and I’m proud of myself. Just when I’m ready to give up I surprise myself and do better than I expected. Moral of the story, never give up on yourself, you are stronger than you think!

I’m realizing what I love about this program is that it’s all functional movement. I’m increasing range of motion and my strength is increasing also. I’m not a skier but one of the moves called the slalom jump is perfect for skiers, target’s areas that you’d use going down the slope. It works a little differently for me but increasing my squatting ability is always a good thing, especially since I have a lame knee. It’s important to have good form and the ability to manage your own body weight in a squat before you try to squat with weights.

Day 39:

Max Out Strength


I can’t believe I only have 16 days left of this program! I feel like I’ve grown so much and pushed myself to limits I didn’t think I could hit. Max:30 is all about mental and physical gains, you have to push your mind to finish that extra rep or extra second.

I may have had a little extra pep today. Everyone has their own lucky shirt right? Something about wearing my Spartan shirt makes me feel like I have to be extra hardcore. I always seem to do better. I made it an extra 3 minutes and 42 seconds! If I could have just held on for 3 more seconds I would have made it to the next rest but my arms were done. Body weight strength training is tough but I’m so glad I am making progress. #IMaxedOut @ 11:42

I’m realizing that my form is terrible with lunges. I need to work on focusing on positioning my body straight up and down over my hips. I tend to lean forward and I believe it is because of my knee. I’ve developed a bad habit so here’s to better form tomorrow! So if you see me doing it call me out!

Thankful for videos, now I just need to get a mirror so I can actually see my form while I’m doing it.