Insanity Max:30 Day 23

Day 23:

Tabata Strength


Day 2 of Week 4: SO TIRED! I did a lot of weeding in my garden yesterday and my hamstrings are killing me, my gluteus maximus a little bit too. I’ve got one more chance to kick butt at Tabata Strength this week. Thursday’s goal is to push through til 8 minutes. Today I made it to 7:46 and it was tough. I really struggle with those diamond jumps but I made it past them. I just told myself, only 20 more seconds, I can do anything for 20 seconds…

I really enjoy water breaks in the other workouts but I actually feel like the recovery moves make the time go faster. I especially appreciated the Mummy Kicks. The first Beachbody program I ever tried was Insanity. I made it a couple weeks and said no thank you. This is one of the moves that I actually didn’t hate in that program. I guess I can’t say that I hated the moves but it was so intense for too long of a time for me. I like to be hardcore but my body doesn’t like it much!



Breakfast: 2 slices of seeded bread with almond butter

Pre-workout: E & E

Post workout: Vegan Chocolate Protein Shake (By the way I’m still loving this.)

Lunch: Lentils and rice with lemony green beans.

Snack: Vegan Strawberry Shakeology with half a banana

Dinner: Salad with lots of veggies and hemp seeds is on the schedule for tonight!



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