Insanity Max:30 Day 18

Day 18:

Tabata Strength

I actually really liked this workout last time. Not sure what my deal is today.

2:25 pm I’ve set up my phone, watched the Spartan Team Challenge, cut my son’s hair, done laundry, gone to the post office and sat here as long as I possibly can… I guess I should be pushing play now…

2:47 The neighbor lady came to see if I could feed her horses this weekend so I of course said yes and went to see what she does.  It was nice to scratch on some horses for a minute. I may or may not be still procrastinating 😉

3:44 DONE! It took me forever to get motivated to go but once I finished the warm up I was ready! I maxed out at 7:09 this time. It was all because of those Diamond Jump Burpees. I’m determined to make it past those on Tuesday! I CAN AND I WILL! (Check out that torture move below 😉 ha ha.)

3:50 Protein shake time. I’m still really liking the vegan chocolate shake I found. No stomach issues so far.

Did you know that the best time to drink a protein shake is within 30 minutes of working out? Your muscles start to heal immediately after working out so why not feed them what they need right away?!?




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