Insanity Max:30 Day 16

Day 16:


Tabata Strength


A bit of a song comes to mind for this workout, Oh hot …. this is my jam! I maxed out quick but so far this workout is my favorite out of all of them! No water breaks but you still get the “rest” by jogging or doing a recovery move. Don’t get me wrong, this workout was hard, but I appreciated not having to do so many jumping jacks!

Rocked my vest and I wore my cross training shoes today. I feel like the shoes may have helped me a bit. I’m excited to see how they help with Sweat Intervals tomorrow.



Today had  a get it done start. I planned to walk with some friends at 8:30 so had to get my workout in first. I usually keep breakfast really simple and try to spice up lunch and dinner. My on the go breakfast may have been plain but it tasted really good after getting my socks knocked off. Seems like eating after working out makes food taste better!

Pre-workout: E & E (Energy and Endurance)

Breakfast: 1 slice of seeded bread toast and 1/2 a banana, breakfast on the go!

Snack: Vegan Vanilla Protein Shake

Lunch: Chickpea, carrot and bell peppers, on top of rice. Left over from last nights dinner!

Snack: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 a banana and 2 tbsp chia seeds

Mid day treat: Found some hot tamales in my husbands desk so I of course ate a few and put the box back 😉  A few treats here and there are okay as long as you stay 85%+ healthy!

Dinner: 1/2 of a veggie burrito with half the black beans and rice because I shared the big dish with Troy ❤️ We share candy, so why not dinner too?

Water goal?

Nailed it 128 ounces down, no problem!


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