Insanity Max:30 Day 11

Day 11:

Tabata Power


Ugh… I’ve got to give all you Mom’s with babies and toddlers props! I was getting my sweat on and around minute 12 I hear a blood curdling scream… James and Damien were playing and James some how got his fingers smashed in the sliding glass door. No blood, no broken bones, so I continued. I maxed out around 19:40, but I feel like I cheated due to the unforeseen break. So next week I’m not counting that as my to beat time.

My workout time is MY time. I use it to get rid of frustration, to get rid of junk food guilt, to just breath. That pause sort of put the rest of my sweat sesh in a funk. I already felt a little off because I’m modifying for a few days due to my knee being sore. I’m just glad I pushed play and got it done. Now that that’s off my chest…

Weighted vests are AWESOME! Push ups were more intense, tricep dips were more intense. But, core was where I lost the battle today! I took the vest off because it was awkward laying on the ground with it, but I laid it on my chest so there was extra resistance. Good stuff! Best part about using the weighted vest, I know that when I don’t use it, I will feel even stronger. My vest isn’t super heavy, it doesn’t need to be. Just needs to be more than you’re used to.

#IMaxedOut @19:40 (all leg work modified)


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