Insanity Max:30 Day 7

Day 7:


Ps. I didn’t drink Energize, it was E&E. I think Energize might have been a better option because it makes me a little less of a jitterbug. And it’s bedtime soon. Lesson learned!


I’m all chill, waiting to push play because today is a “recovery day.” Then Shaun comes on and introduces the workout….

…This is your time to recover and take it easy. But my name is Shaun T, so it’s not going to be that easy.

The bonus? Today’s workout was only 20 minutes! HOLLA!!! I actually made it all the way to the end without maxing out. I’m not sure today actually counted as a Max Out day anyway.

Pulse definitely earned its name. Think squat or lunges with small pulsing movements. After those it was nice to have stretch movements. I think my quads will be feeling this “recovery” tomorrow night.

Nutrition Today:

We ate out for breakfast and lunch today… But our options were really good. I had a tofu and black bean (Mexican style) scramble for breakfast and for lunch we ate at a little Indian style place. Good stuff! Spicy foods are good for the metabolism, that’s why you always see muscle men with their hot sauce. Today’s food downfall was I didn’t have my Shakeology or my protein shake today. Upside, no more cupcakes. 🙂

Last thoughts, since the E&E is still working 😉

After breakfast today we spent the morning and most of the afternoon walking around town, I’m pretty sure I burned off that food. I love hitting my Fit Bit step goal ❤ Glad I’m officially done with week one! Tomorrow is the Cardio Challenge again and I’m ready to beat this weeks time! I think I can, I think, no, I know I can!




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