Insanity Max:30 Day 5 & 6

Day 5:


Friday Fight Round 1

Need I say more? I’m feeling much better, minimal soreness now but family is here and my baby girl graduates tomorrow 😦 So so so fast, where has the time gone? My mind was bouncing back and forth between picking up the cupcakes, making sure the house was clean and figuring out dinner! #IMaxedOut at 8:32 today and I’m feeling like I should be able to beat that time next Friday.

Since I just wasn’t feeling the workout today I figured I still needed to finish it, why not get some video to show you some more modifiers?

Every move has a modifier:

Anything that involved jumping today was like, well, torture…

Today’s Meal Plan:

We aren’t going to talk about that because there may or may not have been some vegan chocolate cupcakes and macaroni and… Yeah… Don’t look forward to tomorrow’s meal plan list either because it’s not going to be good either. (Next time I’m ordering less cupcakes than I think I will need.)

Day 6:



Insanity Max:30 is set up as a 5 times a week workout program. Shaun gives you the option of adding on an extra workout called Pulse. It’s apparently his version of an active recovery day. I don’t believe I did this workout the last time I completed Max:30 so I’m sort of anxious to try it! The calendar has it scheduled for Saturday’s but Saturday is my family’s day of rest sooo no sweat or “no sweat” sesh today. I can’t visualize myself not sweating with Shaun T so this could be interesting. Tomorrow we pulse!

Again, no more speak of evil cupcakes today because I’m ashamed I have no self control. That is all!


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