Insanity Max:30 Day 3

Day 3:


work for abs.jpg

It’s crazy that I don’t remember much about this program the first time I did it, other than I didn’t nail my nutrition and that it wasn’t my favorite. The one thing I do remember though, was in today’s workout: Sweat Intervals. It was a quote:

“When I think I can’t do one, I do three more.”

That taught me so much about how far my mindset will take me. If I say “I can’t,” then chances are I can’t… Positive thinking will take you places with this program. If you say that you’re going to rock your results, you will. Having the drive to do well these last two months has brought great change in my physical, mental, emotional state. Just do it, right?



Today was rough! I got up determined to be out of the house by 10:30 am. I didn’t allow myself to lollygag and wait till the afternoon to get to work.

I pushed play and before the first move was done I wanted to max out. My calves, my back, my chest and my legs were so tight! I told myself that I had to keep going, I would not accept a 1 minute max out time. I told my body to suck it up because we have a mission! I made it to 9:38, those arm moves get me every time! After I maxed out I have to admit I modified quite a bit, I was so exhausted.

I have to admit I appreciated the intervals of 3 movements, then repeat and a break. After the warm up there was no break and I got scared. I rather enjoyed the small break to catch my breath and then get a drink of water from the last two workouts. My favorite move today was free runner after all the squat movements.

Today’s Foods:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with chia seeds and cinnamon. And a vanilla vegan protein shake.

Snack: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

Lunch: Mongolian ❤ Lots of veggies with a little pineapple, some peanutes and some white rice.

Snack: Sweet Potato Soup

Dinner: Taco salad with salsa and black beans, I count the black beans as a red container because I am not a big tofu fan and want to be sure I’m getting my protein in.

Lets talk Protein a minute..

It’s no secret I’m vegan. It’s also no secret that the program I had the best results with I was chugging down chicken or protein shakes a total of 6 times a day. BUT. I also had amazing results with 22 Minute Hard Corps being completely vegan and only having 1, maybe 2 protein shakes a day. If you are going to skimp on anything nutritionally speaking, don’t let it be the protein, or the water!

I skimped on my nutrition Day:1 because it was my birthday. I woke up super fatigued and I imagine it’s because my muscles were toast and I didn’t feed my muscles the protein they needed to grow and repair. Little bummed that I lost out on a protein opportunity for lunch today by having white rice instead of quinoa but eating out you work with what you’ve got. Tomorrow will always be better ❤




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