Insanity Max:30 Day 1 & 2

Day 1:


WHOAAA!!! I forgot how intense this program is!

Today’s program was Cardio Challenge and my heart was pumping, got up to 166 bpm at one point. I struggled to get to the 7:35 mark but I did it! My calves were burning with all the jumping jacks. I got two minutes in and really had to pee but I held strong! I fought the good fight till my body quit listening to my brain, took a rest and kept going.

One thing to keep in mind when scheduling this workout, the workout is 30 minutes but you have an extra couple minutes to cool down afterwards.

My biggest recommendation after today, stretch, stretch, stretch yo calves bro!


My face was red way past 20 minutes after I finished my workout!


Food Log:

Breakfast: E&E and vanilla vegan protein shake… Not my normal breakfast but wanted to get my workout in then got caught on the phone..

Snack: Two slices of toast with fresh ground peanut butter.

Lunch: Vegan Strawberry Shakeology with a frozen fruit variety.

Dinner: Veggie taco salad, no cheese, no chicken and no tasty taco shell.

Snack: GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE, it’s my birthday, I deserved it after being so good on vacation!

birthday cake

As you can see, my nutrition today wasn’t good. I let life happenings get in the way of my meal plan. Not tomorrow though! I’m ready for lots of veggies!

Now to stretch and rest because I know my calves will be screaming at me tomorrow

❤ Darci



ALWAYS take your before picture and measurements. Sometimes when you feel like you’ve made no progress your pictures and measurements will say different!

Day 2:



Forgot to push end on my Fit Bit so there’s an extra minute on there…


Today was Tabata Power and today I battled with my mind. My calves are so sore from yesterday it took me till after 2 o’clock to get motivated to push play. Such a weird feeling during my workout today. Honestly, if my son wouldn’t have been in the room I probably would have started crying at 7 1/2 minutes into it. I just got so emotional. I had to tell myself to breath and I could do this! It’s not that the workout was so hard, it was hard, but I felt so strong! I’ve always been so weak minded and I was able to push myself to keep going until my arms would no longer function.

The move that did me in, Plyo Push-ups. The first round of Max:30 I struggled to do them. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggled but not as bad, I did them! I did the first set at least. I don’t remember getting emotional last round, except for the last day because I kicked my first time’s butt! I’m just proud of myself.

The workout was the usual 30 minutes with a 2 minute cool down. I love Shaun’s workout programs but if I could give one critique it would be longer stretch time. I always make sure to get a few extra stretches in because I know my body well enough to know where I’m going to hurt the next day 😉

I was thinking and I am SO glad that I’ve stayed active. When I finished different programs, I gave myself a week or more off or just dabbled with different workouts. This time I literally finished 22 Minute Hard Corps on Sunday and started Max:30 on Monday. I feel like that is what is helping me to push longer than I ever pushed before. That being said rest is important but don’t take too long off because it’s easy to develop the lazy habit again…

#IMaxedOut @9:42 ❤




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