Insanity Max:30 Day 25

Day 25:

Tabata Strength, the very last one 🙂 😦 🙂



Today was a day of accomplishment! Tuesday I maxed out at 7:46, today #IMaxedOut @ 9:38! SAY WHAT?!?! Just short of two minutes longer. I had actually contemplated skipping my workout today too! I think what pushed me was knowing this was the last time I had to do tabata and the fact that I have just had a great day. Took my boys to the skate park so they could practice their scooting skills and did some shopping for me. I’m prepping for a girls trip to Nashville and I don’t want to be looking to bum like. Plus when you’ve been working so hard on your girlish figure, why not buy it something perdy!



I’m actually really proud of myself because we went to lunch and the restaurant we went to didn’t have a lot of vegetarian, let alone vegan options. My go to at Mexican has been nachos in the past, those are hard to screw up right? I didn’t see black beans on the menu so I was a little scared. I had a weak moment where I was contemplating just eating that tasty cheesy pile of calories… Then the guy came to take our order and I asked about the black beans. They had them! Crisis averted, I went with a vegan taco salad. I’m not sure what I would have done if there were no black beans, it could have been bad…

One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I love about Max:30 is the No Time to Cook Guide. Shaun T travels a lot and I think he has a pretty good handle on what to and what not to eat. His guide has so many great options for helping stay within your meal plan. You’d be surprised how many calories, salt or fat are in foods that you think are healthy. SO GOOD!



Insanity Max:30 Day 24

Day 24:

Sweat Intervals

Starting off the warm up, I got warned….


Little further in, another warning. Lol!


Today was a little bit of a doozy. I slept longer than I wanted to and was STARVING! I had scheduled to go for a walk with some friends at 8:30 but had hair cut plans afterwards so I had to get my workout in before. I had to make sure there was time for a shower after “Sweat Intervals!” Finally pushed play at 8:05 and that meant I only had 20 minutes to work out. Then I had to push pause and leave for my walk, then return home and finish the last 10 minutes. I maxed out at 12:50, only 31 seconds longer than the last time. I improved but I feel like I probably could have done better if I hadn’t eaten so close to my workout time. My morning routine included all this before I could push play though:

  • First feed the dogs.
  • Drink a glass of water before food.
  • Making said food and eating it.
  • Letting the chickens and ducks out of their coop.
  • Watering the garden.
  • Let pups out to potty.
  • Then pushing play, if all goes well..

I forewarned them I’d be a sweaty beast for our walk. No excuses, I finished it when I got back home. It may not have been the ideal sweat session but what’s done is done. Can’t believe we’re almost done with month 1.


Clean Eating

Lets Talk Clean Eats!

Clean Foods

When I first started Coaching, I had no idea what “clean eating” was. I thought I ate pretty healthy, not counting my treats.  Then I heard about a clean eating group my Coach was hosting. So of course wanting to know everything Coaching, I jumped right in. Boy, was I shocked. The food I was eating was no where near approved for the meal plan. I take that back, I have always liked oatmeal for breakfast and that was allowed 🙂 I didn’t realized how much sugar is in our day to day foods. I don’t mean fruits, I mean things like ketchup, yogurt and low fat foods. Then I got Insanity Max:30 as my second workout program to complete, the meal plan was amazing! It came with a legit guide on what to eat to fuel my body and help me on my mission to drop fat. Food is the most important factor in weight loss, in fitness and every day life. If you’re eating bad, chances are you are feeling bad. Have you ever heard the saying,

Abs are made in the kitchen.

Well, true story bro! Every time I’m doing a new workout program and I’m not seeing the results I want, I know it’s because my nutrition is off.

So, what is clean eating?

Glad you asked 😉

Clean eating is super simple, and when I mean simple, I mean limited ingredients or limited processing. Think fresh salads, fruits and veggies, whole grain breads, organic meats… I’ve got a few tips to help you succeed below, there’s even a clean eating grocery list to get you started on the right foot.

clean eat tips

1. Read the label

I try to follow the rule of not more than 5 ingredients.

Eating clean is about getting good whole nutrition. So knowing how much sugar or salt is a big deal. Did you know that 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar? I try to visualize putting the sugar serving listed in a product in a cup of tea(I drink mine unsweetened) and if I feel like it’s too much I definitely don’t get it. If I don’t know what an ingredient is I put it back on the shelf, chances are if it’s a weird word it’s something crazy processed or chemical. I try like crazy to avoid high fructose corn syrup because the process of how they make that is just yucky!

Low-fat? Don’t do it. Next time you’re in the grocery store compare the low fat version with the regular and tell me which has the most sugar. Not all fats are bad for you, for instance avocado is really good for you. Chances are, if the food is trying to convince you it’s healthy, it’s probably not….

Always compare labels of canned foods and check the sugar and sodium content of the nutrition labels. Eating clean doesn’t require perfection but making a conscious decision of what you put into your body is key. Food is fuel, why choose the lower quality ingredient when you could have something that is really going to benefit you?

2. Prepare to succeed

Meal planning is the best way to start your new health habits. Going out to eat makes it hard to tell what it is you’re eating. For all you know your favorite lasagna is actually a frozen dish they are warming up for you, just saying(I’ve worked at a few restaurants in my day.)

Don’t stress yourself out with the unknown. I like to prepare my snacks and things I use as staples in my meals or snacks during the week. For instance, I buy my broccoli and chop it up so all I have to grab it and go. Don’t be afraid to try new veggies and fruits. It took me a while to adapt but I eat more veggies than just broccoli now. I never really appreciated making dinners until I started trying new recipes, now it’s fun to see what mixing and matching foods can do.

3. Don’t be afraid of carbs

Carbs really aren’t the enemy. Our body needs carbs for quick energy. I mean think about it, does that steak digest fast and make you feel like you could bust out 30 burpees? Best pre-workout food is a little bit of carb. Try a banana or a slice of whole grain bread with your favorite natural nut butter.

If carbs are good does that mean to load up on burger buns and white bread? No. They shouldn’t be the largest portion on your plate but they shouldn’t be missed. Try getting a seeded bread or whole wheat buns for those patties. If you love rice like I do, skip the white stuff and try a little bit of wild rice instead or a brown rice. My current carb obsession is lentils, may have something to do with my new found love of Indian cuisine and the fact that they are loaded with protein.

4. Stick to the outer isles of the grocery store

In the outer isles you tend to find all the fresh produce, meats, eggs and even the bulk section(I love bulk because it’s cheaper.) I try to avoid the cereal isles, the baking isles and the frozen food section because I know I will find sugar or salt loaded temptations there. If you can, I recommend buying your produce organic and make sure you are washing off those fruits and veggies before you eat them(you never know where peoples hands have been.)

5. Water, water and more water, maybe with a bit of tea!

We tend to take in way more calories than we realize with our beverage habits. Did you know a 20 oz bottle of soda has approximately 16 grams of sugar? “On average, a can of non-diet cola contains about 135 calories. If you drink three cans a day, you’re getting roughly 405 daily calories from soft drinks. A pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, so if all other things in your diet are equal, cutting out soda spares you more than a pound of fat every 10 days.” Cutting that alone is a huge deal for your waistline.

What about Juice? If you want to drink juices, try making your own juice. Homemade is always best. But don’t drink a whole lot of fruit juice because juicing takes out the natural fiber that helps your body digest that sugar to prevent big peaks of sugar in your blood stream.

Coffee or tea? If you can drink those unsweetened and with out milk, more power to ya! But I recommend keeping both of those to a minimum just because caffeine is a natural diuretic.

So what am I getting at? Water is really the best option. If you can drink filtered water, even better. Some bottled waters have a pH that is hard on your system. Avoid the additives of when getting your hydration on!


I guess what I’m getting at here is food from a box is not the way to go. Fresh or an even better clean eating option, home grown food! If you have space for a garden, grow it up. No space for a garden, grow veggies in a big pot on your patio! If there’s a will there’s a way. I have no doubt you will find a way to make better choices in your diet. Happy eating!

Which one is better for you?


Who really only uses a tablespoon? {{Click the Picture}} Learn about the two different methods of making sugar, and watch the video below to decide which one is better for you.


If you’re still wanting some support on getting started with clean eating, please fill out the form and I will be in touch with you shortly. I host clean eating support groups once a month, they include a 7 day clean eating meal plan and the shopping list to make it a no brainer.


Insanity Max:30 Day 23

Day 23:

Tabata Strength


Day 2 of Week 4: SO TIRED! I did a lot of weeding in my garden yesterday and my hamstrings are killing me, my gluteus maximus a little bit too. I’ve got one more chance to kick butt at Tabata Strength this week. Thursday’s goal is to push through til 8 minutes. Today I made it to 7:46 and it was tough. I really struggle with those diamond jumps but I made it past them. I just told myself, only 20 more seconds, I can do anything for 20 seconds…

I really enjoy water breaks in the other workouts but I actually feel like the recovery moves make the time go faster. I especially appreciated the Mummy Kicks. The first Beachbody program I ever tried was Insanity. I made it a couple weeks and said no thank you. This is one of the moves that I actually didn’t hate in that program. I guess I can’t say that I hated the moves but it was so intense for too long of a time for me. I like to be hardcore but my body doesn’t like it much!



Breakfast: 2 slices of seeded bread with almond butter

Pre-workout: E & E

Post workout: Vegan Chocolate Protein Shake (By the way I’m still loving this.)

Lunch: Lentils and rice with lemony green beans.

Snack: Vegan Strawberry Shakeology with half a banana

Dinner: Salad with lots of veggies and hemp seeds is on the schedule for tonight!


Insanity Max:30 Day 22

Day 22:

Cardio Challenge

I feel like a cheater today… I forgot to put on my vest. #IMaxedOut at 11:02 today! I was at 8:52 last week. Goes to show you how adding that extra weight is helping my performance when I don’t wear it. I ended up putting my vest on after I maxed out and definitely felt the difference in all the movements. The plus side about doing Cardio Challenge today is that it’s the last time I have to do it! Next week kicks of month 2 and that means a whole new set of workouts, scary!!!

Long hair, do care! Must braid it for workouts because sweating and having my hair cling, yuck!


My nutrition the last few days has been sort of unorganized. I’ve been eating clean foods but I think there’s been a few too many carbs involved and hummus, yeah I really like hummus. Hummus is good for you but definitely is small amounts. It’s made out of garbanzo beans and olive oil, so it has protein, carb and oil all in one. The warm weather we have had makes me want cold foods. Been eating a lot of fruit too. So it’s back to meal prepping because I have 4 weeks left to drop some body fat! So grateful for the clean eating group this week because my brain doesn’t want to think, it just wants to eat 🙂

One more thought

Ever since having Damien I’ve been allergic to watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, honey dew, anything melon related. I’ve been pushing my boundaries this last month and I haven’t been having any allergic reactions. I’ve never broken out in hives when I eat it, just get an itchy throat and my lips start to get swollen a bit. Funny the only thing that made me sick during pregnancy with him was melon. I’m not eating a whole melon to myself or anything but I have enjoyed a dish of melon and this dish with a cucumber and pineapple salad. I can’t help but wonder if cutting out the dairy and meat has helped my body not be so on the defense. I wonder if it’s helped settle it down. I really LOVE melon, so I’m really hoping I’m no longer allergic. I used to eat it as a kid and have seed spitting contests with my cousins on the family farm(good memories) and I’ve been missing out for the last almost *gulp* 14 years… Can’t believe my boy is going to be 14 next month!


Insanity Max:30 Day 20 & 21

Day 20:


Today was a rest day but it was really nice to be able to get out and soak up some nature. We spent the afternoon with some friends and got to scratch on some horses too. Rest day doesn’t have to be the kind of day where you lounge on the couch and do nothing. Move around, stretch those legs. Go to the lake and soak up some vitamin D. I’m looking forward to Monday’s adventures of playing at the river.

Day 21:


Drinking my daily superfood shake ❤


Happy Sunday! I can’t believe it’s day 21 already. As much as I complain about this workout program it has gone really fast. Heading to work today reminded me how easy it is to squeeze a workout in before work. Sure I didn’t have to be there til 10 but I was able to get my workout done first and I’m glad I did. It woke me up and set me on the right foot for the day. I am trying to get myself ready for Nashville in 30 days so I’m picking up a few shifts at the restaurant this month. Extra money for vacation is always a good thing 💲💲💲

I really enjoy that pulse is only 20 minutes, thank you Shaun T! I made it the 20 minutes again but boy did those Plié Squat Pulses get at me. The demo is below, only it was holding the low position and pulsing up and down without hitting the full stand up position. My quads were on fire!

plie squat


 Today’s Shake Recipe:

This is my favorite recipe so far, almost like a healthy peanut butter cup ❤

  1. 8oz water (you could use coconut or almond milk instead)
  2. 1/2 banana
  3. 1 scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
  4. spoonful of almond butter
  5. Ice

Blend and enjoy!

Interested in trying Shakeology, shoot me an email and I can send a sample your way for only $5.00


Insanity Max:30 Day 19

Day 19:

Friday Fight Round 1

Sometimes I think I’m such a whiner, LOL! I’ve somehow gotten it into my head that 30 minutes is a lifetime! I have to remind myself that it’s less time than it takes to do a load of laundry, less time than cooking dinner and less time than cleaning house. Why have I made my workout a villain?!? I know everyone thinks that I workout all day every day. But believe me, while I enjoy being active, doing burpees and lunges and push-ups are not on my favorite things to do list. Why do I do these crazy workouts? (They aren’t really that crazy.) I do them because of health. I do them because of range of motion. I do them because of strength. I do them because I’m fighting to be able to do all of the things I love and I want to be able to keep up with my crazy kids!

When I decided to start Coaching, I already had the goal of completing a Spartan Race. And I did that. But here are a few things I’ve gained from making exercise a non negotiable in my life.

  • Hip Flexibility- I used to only be able to sit in the car for a couple hours before my hips started aching. I made it 4+ hours in the car with no issues on the way to Yellowstone last month.
  • Confidence- I used to cake on the make up, cry about my cellulite (yes I still have some and it probably won’t ever go away, it’s a skin condition) and I used to feel like I was unworthy of friendship unless I was drunk and being the life of the party. Now, I wear mascara and a bit of bronzer. I don’t like my cellulite but it’s a part of life, just like my tiger stripes. And I quit drinking and have made so many new friends because I can talk to people without the liquid courage!
  • Muscle- I can do burpees! I can do push-ups! I can almost do more than 1 pull-up. Muscle gives me the ability to do more things. I went snowboarding multiple times this winter and guess what? I was never sore the day after!

The list goes on but those are the 3 things that I appreciate the most. So, HELLO DARCI, exercise is a good thing. 30 minutes is only a small part of your day and it does so much good!

So yes I fought the urge not to press play today like I do everyday. You aren’t alone in that battle. Just remember why you started your journey. Remember where you want to go! If you aren’t even sure where to get started. Find me on Facebook or Instagram and send me a message, everyone starts somewhere and I want to help you take the next step.

#IMaxedOut @10:28, last Friday Fight time was 8:32, yeah buddy!!!

One more thing…

Coaching has given me the accountability to stick with it. Before I signed up I had NEVER completed anything, I’ve now completed 7 workout programs! There’s nothing like blasting on social media that you’ve got a plan. Makes you really want to stick to it! Join me and my team Monday to find out more about what Coaching really is. Let me know you joined the event so I can help you along. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

What is Coaching?

Insanity Max:30 Day 18

Day 18:

Tabata Strength

I actually really liked this workout last time. Not sure what my deal is today.

2:25 pm I’ve set up my phone, watched the Spartan Team Challenge, cut my son’s hair, done laundry, gone to the post office and sat here as long as I possibly can… I guess I should be pushing play now…

2:47 The neighbor lady came to see if I could feed her horses this weekend so I of course said yes and went to see what she does.  It was nice to scratch on some horses for a minute. I may or may not be still procrastinating 😉

3:44 DONE! It took me forever to get motivated to go but once I finished the warm up I was ready! I maxed out at 7:09 this time. It was all because of those Diamond Jump Burpees. I’m determined to make it past those on Tuesday! I CAN AND I WILL! (Check out that torture move below 😉 ha ha.)

3:50 Protein shake time. I’m still really liking the vegan chocolate shake I found. No stomach issues so far.

Did you know that the best time to drink a protein shake is within 30 minutes of working out? Your muscles start to heal immediately after working out so why not feed them what they need right away?!?



Insanity Max:30 Day 17 

Day 17:

Sweat Intervals

Note to self: After drinking your E&E, go push play, immediately after going to the bathroom(jumping jacks get me every time if I don’t.) If you don’t you will find 10 other things to half way do and waste a bunch of time. Then you will be hungry and working out and then when you are done and try to talk to people, YOU WILL BE HANGRY!

I’ve somehow broken out of the wake up and eat breakfast routine, which is fine if I workout right way. Not so much if I wait till 8. So grateful for fresh produce today so tomorrow I can chow down a banana and my pre-workout, hopefully that will help me push through it.

I maxed out at 12:19 today, last week I was 11:16, I’ll take that minute and three seconds!

Wanted to show you the warm up that kicks my butt every time! Wasn’t actually too bad today. Also the cool down sped up cracked me up. Don’t skip your cool down, so important!


Lets talk protein powders. So far I have fallen in love with Beachbody’s Performance Line. The Recover and Recharge shakes are AMAZING! They blend so smooth and taste really good. If you’ve ever had a protein shake you know that that’s hard to find. If you aren’t vegan and looking for a protein supplement, I back those 100%. I never had any stomach issues coming from it now that I think about it either. But every good journey has it’s ups and downs and I decided to go vegan. So far there’s no vegan Performance Line. I started last month using a Vanilla Vegan Protein powder, it wasn’t too bad but I’ve been getting stomach aches so decided to try something new, plus the jug was almost empty and I needed to restock.

I was referred this protein powder by a friend and I have to admit it’s pretty tasty. I always look over the labels of my supplements and I love that it’s a blend of multiple proteins and not just pea or soy, and that the ingredients are simple. This one seems pretty legit and it has 21 grams of protein. Same amount as most Average Joe, whey proteins. If you’re curious about the different types of proteins, I found this blog on the different protein types you might find interesting.



Orgain Organic Protein Blend (organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic chia seed, organic hemp protein), organic creamer base (organice acacia gum, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic inulin, organic rice dextrins, organic rice bran extract, organic rosemary extract), organic erythritol, organic cocoa, organic natural flavors, sea salt, organic acacia gum, organic guar gum, xanthan gum, organic stevia, monkfruit extract.

I’m excited to see how this one makes me feel. Today is day one of the new shake. Wish my belly luck. Time to finish checking things off today’s to-do list!

for me

Insanity Max:30 Day 16

Day 16:


Tabata Strength


A bit of a song comes to mind for this workout, Oh hot …. this is my jam! I maxed out quick but so far this workout is my favorite out of all of them! No water breaks but you still get the “rest” by jogging or doing a recovery move. Don’t get me wrong, this workout was hard, but I appreciated not having to do so many jumping jacks!

Rocked my vest and I wore my cross training shoes today. I feel like the shoes may have helped me a bit. I’m excited to see how they help with Sweat Intervals tomorrow.



Today had  a get it done start. I planned to walk with some friends at 8:30 so had to get my workout in first. I usually keep breakfast really simple and try to spice up lunch and dinner. My on the go breakfast may have been plain but it tasted really good after getting my socks knocked off. Seems like eating after working out makes food taste better!

Pre-workout: E & E (Energy and Endurance)

Breakfast: 1 slice of seeded bread toast and 1/2 a banana, breakfast on the go!

Snack: Vegan Vanilla Protein Shake

Lunch: Chickpea, carrot and bell peppers, on top of rice. Left over from last nights dinner!

Snack: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 a banana and 2 tbsp chia seeds

Mid day treat: Found some hot tamales in my husbands desk so I of course ate a few and put the box back 😉  A few treats here and there are okay as long as you stay 85%+ healthy!

Dinner: 1/2 of a veggie burrito with half the black beans and rice because I shared the big dish with Troy ❤️ We share candy, so why not dinner too?

Water goal?

Nailed it 128 ounces down, no problem!