My Favorite Foodie Videos


I ❤ documentaries! I also ❤ food! So I decided I’d like to share with you some of my favorite documentaries. I recommend you doing your own research after each of these videos but I feel they are all pretty accurate in what they are sharing. Statistics may have changed since they were all released but the general message is so powerful! I share these in the hopes that you will be even just a little bit more motivated to change your “diet” and help you and your families feel better. Help end the torture of large farmed animals. I understand change is hard, but even if we changed a little things would get better. One less burger per person, oh the fat to be lost…. a girl can dream right???

Most of these movies I watched on Netflix or Hulu, I looked for full documentaries to share. For the ones that I couldn’t I hope you will make the effort to look for.

I will continue to add more videos as I find more that I love 🙂


Videos below may contain some graphic video footage. If you have young children around, ones who love animals like my son, you may want to watch this without them in the room.

Hungry For Change

I never realized how much sugar is in EVERYTHING! I still have to work on my brain to realized that I don’t want the fat free yogurt, I don’t want the low fat snacks. Sugar is what makes all of those things taste good!

Food Matters

We are what we eat! Food, clean food, is medicine. It’s not making doctors rich and that maybe why they are in a hurry to give us a prescription instead of prescribe exercise and good foods.

The Beautiful Truth

Juicing! How amazing fruits and vegetables have cured diseases. I don’t juice as often as I’d like but there are SO SO SO many benefits. The Gerson’s theory is amazing, I encourage you to watch as many videos on this as you can.


This documentary isn’t so much about our food quality or diet, but it’s about the effect of cattle farming on our environment. Watering cattle in the US uses 34 TRILLION gallons of water a year! 34,000,000,000?!?! We wonder why are we having water shortages?

Food, Inc.

The documentary that started it all for me. One of the reasons I am happy to be a Coach and be on the journey to help others make better diet choices.

In Organic We Trust

This video alone made me want to search out small farmers. Organic food is so important for keeping our planet healthy, our families safe and just being good in general. If you don’t care about organic, look into the cancer rates and disease rates in areas where orchards and farming are big. I grew up in a big orchards area, pesticides sprayed all the time, scary stuff. Many people I know there have been affected by someone having cancer.


It makes me sick how many crazy standards are put on the small farmers. Yet big corporations get away with so much because they can afford the big fancy legal teams.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

His story is amazing! If we can eat processed foods in moderation instead of relying on them for most of our food intake, imagine how the obesity rate would drop!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2

More of Joe Cross’ story.

I hope you enjoyed, err, learned a lot from these videos…

Darci Horton


Living On One Dollar

Not a food documentary but it was really touching. Helped me realize we have so much. SO much more than we really need…


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