Keylime Shakeology Pie 

Anyone who knows me knows that I HAVE A TERRIBLE SWEET TOOTH! Yes I admit, my struggle isn’t with the workout but the lack of sweets allowed in most diets! I am so thankful that I’ve found a superfood supplement that allows for me to have goodies here and there. I’m dedicated to share healthy treats with you because I know being told that you can’t have cookies and pie and ice cream is rough! I say poo on that! Your diet should be 80/20, 80% good nutritious food and 20% treat! Moderation is the key 🙂 The key to my Keylime Pie! Ha ha ha!

This dessert is super simple to make! No baking required, which I like because I tend to loose track of time and burn the cookies. No amount of milk fixes burnt cookies in my book!



Mix all ingredients except for the crusts of course, then fill the little crusts or the full size crust. Let chill for one hour!


Each mini dessert pie has around 7 grams of protein! Yeah buddy! 

You can pin the image below for easy look up 😉


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