Keylime Shakeology Pie 

Anyone who knows me knows that I HAVE A TERRIBLE SWEET TOOTH! Yes I admit, my struggle isn’t with the workout but the lack of sweets allowed in most diets! I am so thankful that I’ve found a superfood supplement that allows for me to have goodies here and there. I’m dedicated to share healthy treats with you because I know being told that you can’t have cookies and pie and ice cream is rough! I say poo on that! Your diet should be 80/20, 80% good nutritious food and 20% treat! Moderation is the key 🙂 The key to my Keylime Pie! Ha ha ha!

This dessert is super simple to make! No baking required, which I like because I tend to loose track of time and burn the cookies. No amount of milk fixes burnt cookies in my book!



Mix all ingredients except for the crusts of course, then fill the little crusts or the full size crust. Let chill for one hour!


Each mini dessert pie has around 7 grams of protein! Yeah buddy! 

You can pin the image below for easy look up 😉


Those who lift, know strength training is the bees knees! 

Why is strength training important???

1. Muscle helps you keep the fat off! 

One study shows that adding strength training to your workout regimen 3 days a week can help increase the amount of calories burned during normal activities. Why? Because the more muscle you are having to work the more you are going to burn! You burn calories during strength training but did you know that your body continues to burn more calories after your workout? Strength training can boost your metabolism up to 20 percent.

2. Protects those bones!

Adding strength training helps prevent bone loss. Did you know that you lose approximately 1% of your bone mass every year after the age of 40? Calcium alone can’t fix all the damage, you need to contribute to the cause too!  A research study by Ontario’s McMaster University(1) found that a year-long strength training program increased the spinal bone mass of postmenopausal women by nine percent! I know so many people with degenerative disks in their back and strengthening the core will help.

3. Work it, harder, make it, better, do it, faster, makes us, STRONGER… (Did you read that without singing it?)

Strength training benefits all athletes. Losing fat mass can make you lighter, which intern takes strain off over other movements. Making your muscles work to contract makes you stronger. If you think about it, which is easier: Jumping while holding a 10lb rock or jumping with nothing? Training with the rock is going to make you jump higher when you don’t have the rock. Muscles do need time to recover with strength training. It’s recommend to break strength training into sections, back & chest, arms, legs, etc. so that you have rest time before straining those muscles. Did you know that strength training actually causes tiny tears in the muscle, which “scars” and creates a bigger mass but also strengthens them? Don’t be discouraged ladies, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone complain about firm round buns. 😉

4. Helps with posture.

Strength training can help improve your balance and posture, your core contributes to a just about every body function. Making those muscles stronger will help take the strain off your back. Making sure you have proper form when lifting can even increase your rage of motion. I included a website below that lists a few really great strength training exercise for better posture. (2)

5. Stay a little healthier!

Many health benefits from strength training, suggested it may help with arthritis pain, help maintain glucose levels in diabetics, increase bone density. Arthritis sufferers will benefit from strength training because you’re strengthening the muscles that support the joint, helps take the strain off. A Harvard study(3) found that men who do at least 150 minutes of strength training per week cut their risk of type 2 diabetes by about 34%… What is there not to like about that?

6. Introducing Dr. Feel-good 

Strength training gives a natural boost of endorphins. Going to the gym and doing lite sets probably won’t get you going. Push yourself and get to feeling that burn, or as I like to call it the Jell-O effect, you know you work so hard you feel like Jell-O!  I always feel better after kickin’ my own butt at a workout. When you’re feeling down and speak to a doctor, one of the first questions they so is do you exercise regularly? It’s a natural antidepressant. It will even help you sleep better and just feel better in general(4). Cardio is good for mood boosting too, helps me to run my stress off!

Who does strength training benefit?

The answer is EVERYONE! Don’t be discouraged by weight machines. Every gym I’ve ever been to has someone standing around who would be more than happy to show you how to use a machine! If you still aren’t comfortable try starting with small hand weights. YouTube has plenty how to videos. Please check out mine HERE. Just remember not to bite off more than you can chew. It is better to work your way up than to risk injury. Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions you may have too!

If you have a previous injury or health condition, please talk to your doctor about the best place to start your new strength training at.

(1) This one is a long article but it has a lot of great facts if you have the desire to learn more about the study and other studies too.



(4) I really like the Harvard website. They have done a lot of medical studies that just fascinate me. If you’re curious about something specific Google a Harvard study on it, lots of info.

No Bake Shakeology Cookies

Sometimes you just need a little sweet treat! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! Almost to the point where it’s dangerous if there are chocolate chips in the house because I’ll take a scoop of PB and a scoop or two of chips and snack…almost every night till they are gone! I’ve gotten better but the urge is still there. I found this recipe for no bake cookies and decided to give it a try, Shakeology is super good for me, so why not right?

Only using 4 ingredients makes it super simple and it doesn’t heat up the house because you don’t have to use the oven!



Step 1: Measure out your ingredients. IF YOU ARE USING NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER>> ADD 1/4 C Coconut Oil

Step 2: Mix peanut butter(1/4 C Coconut Oil too if necessary) and honey in a pan on the stove over low heat so it gets melty and well blended. Then remove from heat. Make sure you lick the peanut butter spoon because wasting that deliciousness is just wrong!

Step 3: Pour Chocolate Shakeology into a bowl and add the melted peanut butter mixture and stir REALLY REALLY well.

Step 4: Add Oatmeal and stir it all up again.

  Step 5: Scoop spoonfuls out onto wax paper and let cool.

Step 6: Enjoy!

My family has eaten half the batch already and I can’t say that I’m mad. I know they are getting awesome vitamins and super foods that they wouldn’t get if I made them the old school way.

Side note: I usually buy fresh ground peanut butter in the natural food section but they were out of nuts, we went with the stuff my kids love because it’s got sugar in it. I also buy my honey in the bulk section there hence the canning jar 🙂 If you use the peanut butter in the natural foods section, try adding 1/4 C of Coconut oil because it can be kind of dry.

Star and Sammie wanted some peanut butter deliciousness but alas dogs can’t have chocolate. They settled for homemade peanut butter dog treats that I keep in the freezer just for times like these ❤